The little magic wand - Gillette Satin Care

"I wish I had opted my hair removal...", I kept on hitting my head against the wall and accusing myself for spoiling the wonderful chance of playing Juliet with my childhood crush as Romeo in the college annual function. 

"O God, why this happen all the time with me??? After loving him from childhood, when finally he asked me something, I said NO.... Why???", I shouted by looking at the roof.

"Now you are being ridiculous Simmi, you are the show director, you have learned every single line by heart, your biggest opponent has a fracture just 2 hours before the final show and given you the golden chance of actually being with your Prince and you are showing attitude... What's your problem Sim, Have you gone mad???", Rashmi questioned me, by pulling me around. I had never seen her like that before, she literally scared me. But I too had a genuine problem. I lifted up my skirt and showed her my un-waxed shanks.

"Ooh", she said with a little surprise.
"Now you get the reason why I refused the proposal and you have seen the costumes."
"But, why are you so? I mean you are always clean and ready for the opportunities."
"I know. But I was so busy with the play that I didn't get time time for myself."
"Hmm I can understand."
"Now tell me what to do?"
"Don't worry dear, I have a perfect solution for this.Just stay here."

She went to the adjacent room and brought something in her hands.

"This is the solution.", she said with handing me a razor.
"Razor??? Rashmi, you know this can cause huge damage to my skin."
"Yes idiot I know, but this is not a normal razor. Its Gillette Satin Care, now don't waste your time, go inside, use this and get ready to dance in the arms of your Prince Charming...", she tickled me and pushed me into the girl's room.

I must admit that I had experienced a completely different comfort as it glided over the skin leaving a smooth satin radiance. I was feeling like I'm in a different world. I got dressed and was waiting to see my Prince on stage. And finally it was my turn to join him over there.

I was standing there and he was looking at me with complete astonishment. He started approaching me and said, "I have never seen any girl more beautiful than the one in my arms right now."

I was blushing like anything at one second and on the other I was dancing along with Him, with my Prince, my childhood love, I was so on cloud nine.

Its been a few months, and I still cherish the memory of that day a-lot. It had completely changed my life, my prince is now my Fiance; and that was all because of the small magic wand (The Gillette Satin Care) that gave me the confidence and the charm as well to go on stage and share it with my special one.

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  1. Nice Story Ayushi! Since when Gillete started making Female products. Brilliant.Well written!


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