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Experience worth a million words: Children's day celebration!

When asked what they want to be, doctor and engineer were not even close to their answers!

This children's day, I picked my scooter and hit the road to see, if there is anything I can do. I knew visiting orphanages or government schools is always an option. But it's an option for almost everyone. I wanted to do something different. Last year I took kids who sell balloons and roses outside 'Noida Sector 18' metro station, to the nearby McDonald's. Staff was overwhelmed and allowed them inside. Heck of a day it was!

This year I had nothing in my mind. I only rode for a minute or two, when I saw these kids, playing. There is a construction site nearby. They belong to workers employed there. I called one of the elder woman, and asked if I'll offer anything for these kids to eat, would she approve? She delightedly accepted my request.

I asked her how many kids are here and rushed to nearby market(Qutub Plaza) and ordered 10 Dominos mini parcels. Bought 10 KitKat and…

"Happy Periods" aka menstral cup...!!!

Have you ever had this feeling during periods, "Why God why? Why I am a girl? Why don't boys have periods? Why can't it only happen once a year?  Why can't I just stay at home and lay down all day long? 😖" Babe, I know the feeling, happens with me every month. They are painful, messy, and agonizing.

Then a few months back, I switched to the 'menstrual cup'. I'm not saying I love periods now, but this cup made them bearable. So here I present my story of not so bad periods.😊

I'll directly come to the point. For most of us, sanitary pads are the harshest and hardest part of periods. So when I came to know about the cups. I asked myself why do I want to get rid of pads?
Phew! I got tons of reasons.
That uneasy feeling! No matter how soft they became over time, yet after an hour of use, they start killing me down there. I don't want to walk with a pad between my legs, or even stand. Many of you might feel the same way. After 3 to 4 hours it start…

बचपन की पोटरी: किसी की मुस्कुराहटों...!

बात उन दिनों की है जब मैं तीसरी क्लास में थी और भाई दूसरी | हमे स्कूल बस पकड़ने के लिए करीब 200 मीटर चलकर गली से बाहर आना पड़ता था | ज्यादातर मैं और भाई अकेले ही चले जाते थे, पर कोशिश रोज़ होती के पापा हमे छोड़ने आये | कारण था नया नया स्टेट बैंक का एटीएम | याद है पहले हमे उसके अंदर जाने के लिए भी कार्ड स्वाइप करना होता था | जब तक बस नहीं आती हम उसी एटीएम के कमरे में घुस जाते और ऐसे रहते जैसे उन 5-10 मिनट के लिए हम उसके मालिक हों | कभी उसके केमेरे में देखकर अजीब अजीब शकल बनाते और कभी पूरे भारत में एस बी आई एटीएम की लोकेशंस प्रिंट आउट निकाल कर बैग में भर लेते | जब पापा उसमे कार्ड डालते तो राजाओं की तरह उसे पैसे निकालने का आदेश देते | कभी जब खेलने का मन नहीं होता तो हम बस कांच से बहार की दुनिया देखते रहते | जैसे हमारे लिए सब नया हो, जैसे हमे इस दुनिया के हैं ही नहीं | सुबह के सात बजे हमे हमारे छोटे से 5 मिनट के महल में कोई परेशान करने नहीं आता | हाँ महल | वरना ए सी की ठंडी हवा और कहाँ खाने मिलेगी, वो भी मुफ्त !

एक दिन सुबह बहुत ज़ोरों की बारिश हो रही थी | पापा को पिछली शाम बारिश में भीगकर घर…

AWS: Security Groups through CLI

Knowledge of AWS EC2 and it's security groups.
How to install and configure AWS CLI.

Here are some important points to remember about AWS security groups. AWS security groups are instance level security measure. A security group can have several instances in it. It acts as a virtual firewall for them. They let you define rules for allowing inbound and outbound traffic. Please not that you can only allow but can not explicitly deny traffic from an particular host or range of IPs (that can be done with help of NACLs).Rules can be added and removed at any time and will be effective immediately (or in a very short interval). Security groups are state-full, which means any request that goes outside it's response is allowed inside, no matter what the outbound rules are.All the rules are processed before allowing any traffic. In a custom security group all outbound traffic is allowed and all inbound traffic is blocked. Below steps explains you to create a security group th…

Cause goodness will always follow...!

During my training days in Wipro, one of my batch-mate used to tease me all the time. Co-incidentally, the particular three times when he almost made me cry, he got attacked, with increasing severity. Finally after 3rd attack he confronted me in front of everyone, "It's you, right? Who is planning all these attacks on me?" His question came quite obvious, but no it was not me. Yet it blew up my mind, and with all my strength I yelled at him for next 5 minutes. How could anyone blame me for this? I’m a polite, friendly and charming girl, how could I arrange gundas to rob him? But after a while when resentful me calmed down, I thought of the whole incident. When we leave our homes, our parents taught us, not to trust anyone, at-least blindly. But do we follow? We met new people, share secrets, lend money and invite them in our personal premises. What wrong did that guy do, if he suspected me? I knew I couldn't do it, but how will he? It’s only been 2 months since he k…

बचपन की रेत...!

तुझे याद है भाई, नानी के घर क पीछे जो बाग़ था,
हम अमियां चुराया करते थे;
कुंए में पथ्थर फेकते,
उसमे नाम चिल्लाया करते थे|

कितने सारे सबक तो हमने,
अमरुद की डाली पर लटककर सीखे थे;
और छोटे छोटे करोंदे खट्टे होते हैं,
कहीं पढ़ा नहीं पर
जाना जब हमने खुद चीखे थे|

पपीते से थोड़ी कम बनती थी,
कभी हाँथ ही नहीं आया,
शायद उसे हमसे थोड़ा काम प्यार था;
केला तो दोस्त था अपना,
हमेशा पेट भरने को तय्यार था|

अरे मैं वो झूला कैसे भूल गई
जो पापा के स्कूटर क टायर से बनाया था,
कहीं जगह ही ना समझी,
इसलिए बाग़ क दरवाजे पर लटकाया था|

पर भाई अब ना वो झूला है ना ही पेड़ हैं,
कहते हैं मल्टी स्टोरी है , हमारे लिए तो मिटटी का ढेर हैं;
बारिश की सोंधी खुशबू, आम क पेड़ की छाओं की जगह कोई ले पायेगा,
और ऐ सी का १६ डिग्री मन को वो ठंडक दे पायेगा?

पर सिर्फ वो बाग़ नहीं भाई जो खो गया है,
मेरे बचपन का साथी मेरा दोस्त भी मुझसे दूर हो गया है;
मैं ढूंढ़ती हूँ आज भी तुम्हे आइस क्रीम खाने को,
चाट की दूकान पर जाने को;

मैगी के लिए मुझसे अब कोई नहीं लड़ता,
कितना भी छुपा लूँ, डायरी ढूंढ ढूंढ़कर कोई नहीं पड़ता;
मेरा मन शायद अभी भी उसी बाग़ मेँ…

The SELF apprehension...!!!

It happened 2 days ago! This guy, my mother's son-in-law; opened my shelf and laughed straight for 10 minutes.
I wondered what was so funny in there? Was that my overly arranged clothes or properly settled jewelry boxes? After pondering for a while and avoiding my yearn to kick him hard between butts, I approached him and saw him reading my 'to do list'. All my anger was then my embarrassment. He started reading my list out loud and crossed almost everything out of it. 'You don't do any of this! Hahahahah...'

He was right. I'm not the girl I used to be. I knew he didn't mean to embarrass me or hurt my feelings but he sure dust away the dirt from my mirror. I used to be so ambitious, active and thrilled about my list. Even when I listed why should I get married, top on that was, 'Once I'll be done with it, I'll focus on my goals, otherwise my parents will keep haunting me every other day.' Look at me now, I don't write, I don't lis…