Coconut, the miraculous nut...!!!

** Reader's guide: The statements written within *......* are the thoughts of my fictitious character Rahul.

*Its my third ride to market, and the worst part is for the same thing - COCONUT. I can't understand, why this coconut is so important? Is my sister getting married to a boy or a whole bunch of coconut?*

"Bhaiya 4 coconuts please."
"Grab these Rahul bhaiya.", shopkeeper said by throwing a bunch of coconuts toward Rahul.
"Why are you so important dear nut?", he said holding one of them in his hand.
"Rahul beta, this nut is one of the most important dry fruit used, and has medical as well as spiritual importance. This coconut's tree is also know as 'Tree of life', it gives all that you desire and and is useful from top to bottom. That's why it is one of the most important fruit used in pooja's and hoom's ,and may this fact that in many traditions coconut is used to swear, will help you to realize it importance.", said the Bansi kaka, owner of the shop.
"Got it Bansi kaka, and I'm impressed by this nut and by your knowledge", Rahul said by winking at him and turning back to his bike.

*Hmm.. I think you are not that bad, dear nut, now lets hurry, we need to reach home as soon as possible.*

"Maa, here.", Rahul said by handing over the bag of coconuts."I'm upstairs maa, taking care of the lighting,okay. "
"Okay beta, and thank you very much."

"Arey Bhaiya put those lights properly, they are not in their actual position."
"Yes bhaiya, arrange everything as per his instructions, he is the new wedding planner in town", a voice came from behind.

Rahul turned around, and what he saw left him breathless, it was Simmi, the love of his life, in a mesmerizing blue dress, shiny silky hair, half tucked, leaving a few to play all around her comely body and smooth buttery skin as she works. Before he was able to say something she turned back to her work. 

"Rahul bhaiya, now look, are these perfect now?"
"Yeah its okay. Now arrange the rests.I will be back."

*Where she would have gone, now I can't resist myself even for a minute. I want her right now.*

"Arey Simmi beta, please bring those extra sheets, we bought last sunday, Pundit Ji need them.", a voice came from behind.
"Ji aanti ji, just 2 minutes."

*Perfect. I should rush now.*

"Rahul, what are you doing here? Open the door, I need to go, there are so many arrangements which are still incomplete.Come on let me go."
"No way, you are not going anywhere. I need you here, so you are staying here."
"Rahul please."
"No please.", Rahul said and grabbed her from her waist. "Ooh so smooth, even my hand get slipped by itself."
"No honey, why would I lie. Look its slipping again and again.", He said and started tickling her."Ooh Simmi, what magic spell had you used to get such, irresistible smooth skin. "
"Its not magic spell idiot, its coconut."
"Coconut again?"
"About an hour ago, I heard a full lecture on the importance of coconut by Bansi kaka and now you also."
"The nut worth it. This amazing nut is used for hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increasing immunity, digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure and many other."
"O my dear lord, I didn't know all this."
"The various skin products made of coconut, acts as the best moisturizer for all types of skin, and without any adverse effect. They are beneficial from tip to toe."
"Ooh, so this hard nut is involved in providing you such soft and radiant skin?", Rahul said teasingly and keep on kissing her body softly.
"Yes Mr. Rahul Mishra. Its plays a vital role in it. Coconut is a safe solution to fight against the dryness of the skin, even it delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin. So it will also help me in looking younger than my actual age."
"Is it so? Then I will love you double my life."
"It also help in fighting with many skin problems, like dermatitis, eczema and others, and even I have the scientific prove. You wish to know?"
"Tell me everything."

*I can hear anything as long as this angel stays in my arms. I love her not because of her body and skin, but its so smooth and mesmerizing that I can't control myself myriads of time.*

"Coconut converts lauric acid into monoluarin which is claimed to help in dealing with viruses and bacteria causing diseases, causes herpes, influenza, and even HIV. This is the reason it is widely used not only making cosmetic products for skin such as oil, sunscreen, body lotion but also making various Ayurvedic medicines."
"Looks like you did a complete research on this nut? You are in completely in love with this."
"This nut has given me a radiant body texture, and a stunning skin which brings you close to me every time, why shouldn't I'll be loving this."
"Got it, my love, now answer one question of mine. Will you marry me?"
"Mr. Rahul Mishra, looks like you have gone mad, you want to repeat the same mistake again and with the same girl?"
"Yes I do, I fell in love with you everyday, and even more deeper than the previous day, and I want to marry you everyday."
"Ooh I love you too my life."
And their lips get locked.

Authors Note: 
1) This story is published as a part of a contest about telling the importance of coconut for your skin conducted by Parachute Body Lotion, the number one coconut product maker. 

2) I tried a different way of conveying the message, hope you liked it. Thank you for reading.


  1. Nice love story with a coconut. added enough info... All the best :-)

    A Rat's Nibble - Coco.. Coconut and Me

  2. What a nice way to enlist the uses of coconut through a romantic story!
    Great Going! :)


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