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"Happy Periods" aka menstral cup...!!!

Have you ever had this feeling during periods, "Why God why? Why I am a girl? Why don't boys have periods? Why can't it only happen once a year?  Why can't I just stay at home and lay down all day long? 😖" Babe, I know the feeling, happens with me every month. They are painful, messy, and agonizing.

Then a few months back, I switched to the 'menstrual cup'. I'm not saying I love periods now, but this cup made them bearable. So here I present my story of not so bad periods.😊

I'll directly come to the point. For most of us, sanitary pads are the harshest and hardest part of periods. So when I came to know about the cups. I asked myself why do I want to get rid of pads?
Phew! I got tons of reasons.
That uneasy feeling! No matter how soft they became over time, yet after an hour of use, they start killing me down there. I don't want to walk with a pad between my legs, or even stand. Many of you might feel the same way. After 3 to 4 hours it start…