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It's too late to ask...!!!

“Guys, what's too late now?” I popped up the question as soon as I read the WOW’s theme for this weekend to my childhood sweethearts plodding in my flat at 1'O Clock mid night. “Why?” “Just say na.” “Too late to order pizza now.” “Too late to call mom.” “WHY?” ”Dude, It’s 1 in the night bro, she will think I passed away.” “Too late to complete the thesis which I was supposed to start last Saturday.” “Too late to lose your virginity.” “Cause you already have A*****e” “I’m talking about you kiddo.” “Oye, who kiddo?” “You bachcha.” “Guys guys, don’t fight. Continue.” “Too late to kick that b*****d, who said go for engineering, has a lot of scope.” "Too late to change Indians." "To late to change their habits." Silence spread for 5 seconds. “Too late to fight over Shreya.” “Hey, is she married now?” “Yes dude, last year, told you na, it’s too late now.” “It’s too late to bunk classes and spend whole day in canteen.” “Hahaha…And it’s too l

Always wanted...

A parrot! A dazzling green and red parrot. I always wanted to be a parrot when I was 3. I just don't want to own it, but to be a parrot. Green and red being my favourite colours and statement from my mother that you could be anything you want, rooted this dream even harder. But pretty soon I released, it's not only impossible but implausible. Soon I changed my ideology, got sensitive, observed people around and took a firm decision of becoming a home maker. Cause they can nap in the afternoon. And I don't have to rush anywhere, like my mother who is a working lady. I was so determined that I started to train myself from the very next day and perceived that a home maker has to cook and clean, wake and wash, bring and build, make and shake, give and take; and practice all the verbs in our grammar. (So do working but my mom always get some help, my granny never.) As a result I ascended on my journey to search for another wanted to be, where I met a lady doctor.