Memory that never fades away #1

Author's note: This write-up is one of the most finest and oldest memory of mine, and despite of being years old, it is still fresh and rejuvenating like the smell of wet mud. Do read it once.

Reader's Guide: Text written in *.....* are the thoughts of my character. She is actually saying them to herself in her mind. Thank you.
*I have no idea why daddy has left me here. I don't like this place, I don't know anyone here, I need to go home. All these faces are new for me and I am feeling like an unimportant creek to this place. But I have no clue, how to get back home.*

I sat on the chair, and tried to investigate the whole place.

"Hey, are you new here? Like me?", A voice came from the chair next to her.
"Yes." *I don't know this lad. He is a completely random strange guy. Should I be talking to him? But he seems nice. Okay I'll talk to him.* "Ooh yes. But I want to go home. Do you know how to do this?"
"Hmm, I too have no idea. But this place is not that bad."
"Really? what do you do here?"
"Hmm... Come with me, I will show you. You will like it."
*Should I go? Or should I not? Hmm... *
"Okay lets go."

For the next three hours (I guess) we two had a complete blast. We did lots of crazy things which I hadn't done yet. He showed me lots of amazing things which were present at that place, we went on some crazy slopes too, then we were called for lunch. We had a ravishing meal. I was feeling great and he completely made me forget about my parents and my urge of going home. And I don't know what happened, may be some magic spell or some sort of science, we both slept. I know it sounds crazy, I had just met this guy. But there was something special between us.

"Wake up, Simmi.",a voice was waking me up."Look who is here?"
I restored myself and sat back rubbing my eyes.
"Daddy..... Its you."
"Yes Angel, now its time to go home."
"Yeah Daddy, Lets go."
Daddy pulled me up in his arms and turned toward the exit gate. "So how was the first day at school angel?"
"It was too good daddy, I made a friend.............."
And I kept telling him all about my very first day at school.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author's note once again: Talking to strangers or any random person, can be dangerous, so don't try to attempt this act, at any insecure place.

But sometimes a few strangers turned out to be life long friends. Dedicated to all my friends, who once a while were strangers to me and now are a very inseparable part of my life.

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  1. good piece of work.............
    keep it up...........

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing something which we all have encountered. yeah ! You said it right, all good friends were strangers once. It's been long since I visited a blog (thanks to preparation & schedules :(), but I could not resist your post when I saw it on blog adda :) It's was beautiful undoubtedly :) The post this week !! :) Take care dear Aayu :)

  3. That was indeed one of the best entries! Loved it :)

  4. Oh such a lovely post, it took me back to my childhood days. Funny how we all our friends start from being a stranger:)


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