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When we are kids our parents used to teach us every moral thing that a kid should know and directly indirectly force us to follow those morals. I was taught that :  1) Always speak truth (i am sure you all must have heard these words).. 2) Believe in yourself never ever depend on other, work hard and one day you will get what you want.. 3) The famous Bhagwat Gita's line "Karm kiye jao phal ki chinta mat karo..".. 4) No one is big and small no one is rich and poor, we all are kids of the Almighty, we should respect everyone.. Today I am 20 and now my parents want me to follow a completely different path which they had shown me. Today they want me : Not to speak complete truth in front of everyone because it can spoil my image. "kaam pade to gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai" why should i? Everytime I have to keep listening "campus selection hona chahiya, achhi job lagna chahiye.." now I am trying my best why the