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Reflections: A Gentleman in Moscow by Mr. Amor Towles

What was the book about? This is another historical fiction I recently read. A Gentleman in Moscow is the story of Count Alexander Ilyich Rostow, who was sentenced to house arrest (in the hotel he was residing at that time) till the end of his life. The story is set in Stalin Russia where the Count being a Count was spared a death sentence for writing a poem that had provoked the revolutionary activities. Books narrates the Count's life in the Metropol Hotel where he spends more than 30 years.  However, the sentence turns out to be a blessing for Count where he escaped the mundane life within the walls and found a purpose. He created a world for himself in that hotel.  During this time, our protagonist finds love, makes many valuable friends and becomes a foster father to a wonderful young girl. The book leaves you with a satisfying end with some unanswered questions. How I felt after reading it? The book for sure leaves its footprint on your brain. The main character is written as