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A page from my diary...

Date : 3 August, 2012 Time : 9:30 P.M. Place: Gwalior Dear Diary, Its been an year we severed off, and you know I am still keeping my promise of staying as friends.I read it some where "If the two are still friends after breakup that means either they are still in love or they never were..." What do you think is the case with us sweet heart..??? I wish you could understand how tough it is for me... When he calls, my heart whispers  "I love you shona, I can't live without you, please come back, I miss so much..your smile your touch our time and everything.. But he never understands.. :( So I made a plan today.. I have written a poem to remind him everything.. and I am gonna call him now... Wish me luck Dear.. !!! and wait I ll be back soon... :) to tell you everything he said.. "Hiii.. You called me so late..everything OK???" "Yeah, everything is perfect.. Hey I just wrote a poem, you wanna listen?" "Hmm.. OK go on..." "O

An Untold Story

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 32 ; the thirty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The theme for the month is 'An Untold Story' " Jab bachche the to khilone tutne par bhi rote the, aaj dil toot jane par bhi sambhal jaate hain " There is a story within each one of us which we want to share. Today I am going to tell you one of such story,that was actually once lived. It is not a fiction or just a heap of thoughts. It is a real story.. An Untold Story that needed to be told... She choked,as she saw a guy,through the glass wall of the restaurant, fairly handsome, accompanied by a woman, fair complexion, sharp features,black eyes, unlike his, wearing a green sari with half tucked hair, his wife, she guessed. They entered the same place and occupied the seat exactly opposite to her. She tried to escape without being

From my crying pen #1...

Zindagi k panno me humne, Khata-e-mohobbat na likhi hoti... To aaj mahil me muskurane ka maza, Kuch or hi hota... Tujhe hi khuda banakar, Ibaadat na ki hoti... To us khuda ki inayat par bharosa, Kuch or hi hota... Lamho k in darakhton se, Shikayat na ki hoti... To bina shav bahe so jane ka maza , Kuch or hi hota... Tere har waade ko, Is dil me panah na di hoti... To isme khwab sazane ka maza, Kuch or hi hota... Har jhoot ko tere sach mankar, tabbju na di hoti... To paak dilo ki sachchai par bharosa, Kuch or hi hota... Shikayat tujhse nahi,meri takdeer se hai, Bas isne bewafaai na ki hoti... To dhadkano k dhadkane ka maza, Kuch or hi hota... Thanks for reading.. :)