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Smell that bloomed my life...!!!

Home, a place which one can even recognize with his eyes and ears closed. The smell of the ambiance is somehow dissolved in our senses. No matter what it is, whether its the aroma of food, your mother is cooking, or the scent of flowers in your garden; whether its the odor of your socks beneath your bed or the whiff of the perfume of your neighbour's daughter that enters from your room's window; when its home, we know it. In my memory lane, there is one smell that is completely different from all these, not a great one, yet somehow it emanated the foundation of my life, or I should say a successful and happy life; and that one smell is of my father’s dedication and hard work. My father is the best dad in this whole world, he spent his life working really hard to provide the best possible present and future to his family. He spent 18 years of his job doing up and down to various cities. When he used to come back home in the evening, I used to run inside and brought my m


After 66 years of our Independence and thousands of years of Asian civilization, we keep trumpeting about our culture, prosperity and brain. But where do we actually stand??? Are we really thriving in right direction??? Here is an amazing write-up from my friend Mr. Ankit Gupta   , throwing light on his idea for the inoculation of Asia. People get retire from work at 66 but our nation need to start their work in the benefit of frontier-split people. After 66 years of Independence Day, our nation is surrounded by affairs of neighbours, scuffles between marginalized religious groups. China, our neighbour is flexing his frontiers and economy and military spending is ratcheting upwards every year, same for North Korea and Japan. World says 21 century will be the Asian century; Asia will become a central to the world economy and geopolitics. But for Asians, rain has become unpredictable as in India and Pakistan already, which may results into famines and this starvation can provoke lar

The Silent Sacrifice...!!!

“Why mom always does this? Why she always makes it harder for us? ” wailed Adam, exploring the noodles with his fork like his answers were hidden somewhere in the plate. “ Adam, son you know this is not true, she always loves us more than her life… ” consoled David, Adam’s father. “ No, she doesn’t and she never did, if she had ever loved me and you, she wouldn’t have done, what she did, that was mean, very mean, and I will never forgive her .” said Adam, brushing his tears away. “ Son, I don’t know how to make you understand this. That decision…., son I know she loved you like anything, and nothing can ever change this, how could she imagine herself not being with you.” “ No it’s all a lie, if she loves me ask her to come back, ask her to be with me, help me in my studies, and ask her to take her decision back, not possible right? I don’t know dad, and I even don’t want to understand a little bit of this crap, if she haven’t been so mean, she might be probably eating

The unforgettable reminiscence...!!!

I still remember the moment when my mother was scolding my little brother and proclaimed, "Learn something from your sister, she never utter a single word against our wishes, she simply follows what we ask her to do." I always believed that elders deserve respect, no matter what they do, whether he is your gardener or the milkman, or your maid, if he or she is elder, they deserve respect cause they have seen this world and life a little more than you. But my brother thinks that 'Respect is something which is earned not given upon demand.' In one way he was also true and was being honest to himself. From that very moment I anticipated that I am the one who has to obey them from the bottom of my heart, no matter what comes, what I want, and whether it is right or not. It was our holiday vacations and we were sent to see our grandfather in a small town named Hirapur, in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Its a very small town with a very few residents. Grandpaa had

From my crying pen #4...

When tears roll down my eyes every then and while, You are the reason, My wrong decision, Your fake emotions... I thought you loved me I gave you my heart, You took it, You shook it, You played and crushed it, I was waiting for you, thought you will come and heal, But you all forgot, You broke my promise knot, Broken heart was all I got... But time has changed, I have learned to survive, I can fake a smile, Don't need you within 1000 miles, I know I was just a trail...

"Facebook" or "No Facebook"...!!!

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 40 ; the fortieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . The theme for the month is "MAKE A WISH" Me : Please I'm begging you please don't take me with you, I'm just a 22 years kid, I haven't seen the world yet, pleaseeee. Yumraj : What are you talking about? You have lived for 22 long years, in a house equipped with every luxury and fun; and you haven't seen the world??? What a joke? You are the number one prank master in school college as well as at home. You are the one who can easily get his hands off from the task you are not interested in, no matter after that how much more your mother have to work to finish your task. Me : Umm..Umm.. Yumraj : I'm not over yet, so shut your mouth. Apart from all this, you are living a double life on facebook also. Me : Double life?