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The Mad Man...!

A few weeks ago my hubby and I were waiting for our train at Vashi station when a lady begged us for money. Since she was looking healthy and capable to make her earning we refused the monetary help but offered her a biscuit packet. All of sudden, out of nowhere an old man in sixties wearing a pant and shirt with wearable slipper and a khadi shoulder bag appeared and scowled the lady away. He then turned to us and requested in English not to offer packed food, as these people don't eat them but sell them back to retailers. He had a point and we nodded. But that was not it. He then started telling stories of similar incidents and repeating the same sentences in a loop. Within the next 2-3 minutes, we made up our minds to ignore him and designated him as a 'mad man'. Our disregards didn't convince him that he no longer had an audience and continued explaining the same thing. Finally, I broke my silence and rebuked him to leave us alone. In microseconds, I realized I ac