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An inevitable transition...!

I was in school, when this one time my nanaji and my father both were extremely sick. Being from a middle class family, I have never witnessed any public display of affection between my parents. They only used to talk about the ration, bills and our school fees. The whole situation unknowingly convinced me that my mother did not love my father or his side of family. On the other hand, nanaji was mother’s best friend. They always stayed updated with each other’s life even in the postcard era.   Despite of sharing a stronger bond with her father, mother decided to stay with her husband instead. I clearly remember mentoring my brain for the possibility that I might had to take care of papa. But when she didn't leave. I questioned her, “why?” To which she immediately replied, “Because this is my home and my priorities lies here. You will understand when you will grow older.” Strange! I thought.   I am older now and have been married since last 3 years yet I did not find the answer to m