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Be kind to others, it will pay off...

Might be 65 or 70, she was carrying no bag and was wrapped in a  ‘dhooti’ . She already had asked for the metro token from two others standing ahead of me in the queue. I had no idea why they refused. But when she approached me, and said she needed a token for  tilaknagar ( where she lives), I found no reason to say NO. ‘ She is not asking for money, she wants to go home and it’s getting late’,  I thought .  When it was my turn, I first asked for her token. I gave it to her and was about to turn back, when she put her hand over my head. “ Bhagwaan kare tumhe kabhi kisi ki jarurat na pade. ( May you never have to ask for help)” Her words and relief in voice almost brought tears in my eyes. I was so captivated in the moment that I forgot about the trailing queue. Then a voice disturbed my inner peace and ordered me to either to buy my ticket or move out of line. Later inside metro, her words struck me. ‘May you never have to ask for help’. Was this a blessing or her pain? Is this eve

Ever since I woke up, I have been judged...

Ever since I woke up, I have been judged... For the wake up timing, for the mumbled whining... For the pimple on nose, for buying my own rose... For taking shower late, for smiling at person on gate... For the compliment I received, for the cleavage that peeped... For the bonus I bagged, for the joke I cracked... For partying with friends, for wearing the trends... For being good in shape, for sexy saari I drape... For saying no to liquor, for leaving party quicker... For driving my car, for the one damn dent so far... For balanced equation, for sweet sophistication... For burping after meal, for 5 inch heel... For making first move, for saying I disapprove... For travelling in night, for loving twilight... For watching game of throne, for paying my loan... For jeans and short skirt, for reciprocating the flirt... Phew...NO it's not gonna stop... Ever since I woke up, I have been judged... But neither you know me, nor do I thee... You don't know my pre