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Protest Against Unclean Stubble #11

I  was standing there with numb feet. Gigantic glass windows, a huge piano and golden chandelier. The moon was concealed by a cruel dark cloud and the howling wolfs were sufficient to scare the life out of anyone. I was trying to figure out where am I, when I heard a sound. It lead me to an old wooden wardrobe.  I was terrified, still I unlocked it. "Woo!!!" " Don't Woo me. I'm not a kid. Who are you? And what are you doing in this junk? " "Aren't you afraid of me? I'm a ghost." " Very funny! Ghost? You are wearing a tuxedo. You are shining like a groom, smelling like a vanilla cake and you are asking me to believe that you are a ghost ?" "Then how a ghost suppose to look?" " Well I haven't seen any ghost earlier, but I guess they should be scary, scruffy and smelly. " "That's pretty unfair. I like wearing decent clothes and I hate that unclean stubble . Should I disappear to prove

Protest Against Unclean Stubble #10

After having been written 9 posts uninterrupted on the same topic, I could not resist myself noticing faces. When I look at people, the only question which pops up in my brain is, 'Why or why not you keep stubble?'. So far I had interrogated almost everyone. From grandfathers to grandsons and form my paper-man to night duty watchman. Last morning when I woke up at the doorbell. I took the vessel, rubbed my eyes and opened the door for my dudhwala bhaiya  (milkman). As I saw his face, my eyes sparkled and I was all set to ask the same question for may be 68th time. But I hold my horses and asked something new. " Bhaiya Ji , from how many days, you didn't shower?" " Didi Ji  I shower everyday." "But you don't look like.I'm sure bhabhi ji  is not happy with you these days?" "How do you know Didi Ji? Are you a fortune teller? Can you tell me anything else?" "Yes I can. You will face itching problem on your face

Protest Against Unclean Stubble #9

"So what do you think now? You read the posts participated in PAUS. Right?" I asked Saahil, my classmate cum fellow blogger who loves his stubble and nothing could have ever persuaded him to alter that lousy look. "Indeed, I read them all. And I guess no one adores this look anymore. Neither Isha, who loved Sid unconditionally, yet couldn't tolerate his stubble ( Coffee Date ). Nor the kids, whether its their father's ( My Baby and I ) or of Santa ( Christmas Wish ). There are much more losses, apart from upsetting your beloved wife ( Adopting a Good Habit ), than anyone ever think ( There's more to stubble than you really know ). There were myriad stories, poems and references." Saahil replied which baffled me a bit. "So? Are you going to shave or not?" I inquired directly. "Listen to me. I'm not finish yet. I always appreciated this look of mine. Makes me look little more grown up. But I don't care about what other think.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble #8

"Stubble,  says:        1 the cut stalks of cereal plants left sticking out of the ground after the grain is harvested 2 short, stiff hairs growing on a man’s face when he has not shaved for a while In both of the meanings, stubble is something which is left unintentionally. When I typed 'stubble' on Google and hit on News, the links which popped up are related to problems being caused by stubble left or grown in fields. Another news that one will find there is how the stubble growing habits in men are causing loss to the shaving product manufacturing companies. They tried to run several campaigns to redeem their profits. One large  Australian  razor manufacturer offered research showing that women don't like kissing men with stubble , which sounded a little like a desperate attempt to entice men to shave. No matter where is it growing, it is only causing loss. When I was in 11th standard, I had hu

Gifts for generation...!!!

This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda . Once while completing my homework, out of nowhere I asked my mother, about her best moment. With a winsome smile, she held her hands up, joined them to make a grail and said, "When doctor put you here." I stared at her with my eyes wide open. We exchanged a smile and she resumed, "You were extremely comely and soft, like a fresh flower bud. It was 2 AM, even then I could have hold you whole night and day. Its was hard to believe that I was holding a new life and even harder to get my eyes off you. But then your dad entered the room, kissed my forehead, took you away and embraced tightly. I was about to say, "Give her back, she needs me, and more importantly I need her." But I didn't. He was so joyous and delighted that he couldn't stop smiling. His eyes were shining with tears. The happiness on his face was akin to a 3 year old, when he gets a new toy

Protest Against Unclean Stubble #7

PAUS has been spreading like season fever. Bloggers are coming out with their opinions. So I thought why not go out, and interview some other group of people. Group 1: The  honorable  ladies in the park with an average age of 62 When I asked them how do they feel about their husband’s stubble? All of them blushed and accepted that they love their spouse no matter, they shave or not. That was sweet, but not what I was looking for. So later I asked them separately and they confessed that the men look better when they are without their unsavoury stubble.    Group 2: The gorgeous ladies with an average age of 38 So I popped up the same question. Even though one of them said she likes her husband in stubble. Rests came up with pretty personal reasons of disliking unclean stubble.  Few of them complained it hurts; other thinks it gives a dismay look. Quite honest. Group 3: The charming college girls Then I went to my old hostel and asked a bunch of colleg

Protest Against Unclean Stubble #6

Once upon a time, on a peppy sunny day, There was a guy, who definitely wasn’t gay; He was proud of his dresses, his glasses and hair, Everyone adorned him; he was a charming player; Every girl wants him; this is what he thought, But they only love his car, which he recently bought; His heart beats for just one girl, whom he truly love, Definitely loving her from distance,  wasn't  too enough; Waiting outside her house, in his car with a tea cup, He was stunned by her beauty, when she showed up; His legs were trembling, but decision was strong, He asked her out in the first line, ups he did it wrong; He gathered his courage and stood next to her firm, He was confident, that she will surely confirm; She was baffled; and wanted him to avoid, She laughed a bit first, but was really annoyed; “Are you insane, or have you gone mad? With this thing on your face, you look old like my dad; I hate that unclean stubble ; feels like you rece

From my crying pen #5...

लफ्ज़ हमारे पास होते, तो बता पाते; आप क्या हैं हमारे लिए,  ये दिखा पाते; वैसे तो लोग कई मिले, हमे ज़िन्दगी के सफ़र में;  आप ना आते तो शायद,  किसी मोड़ पर ठहर जाते…  हमसे यूँही पूछते , तो हम बताते ; ऐतवार कितना है आप पर, ये सुनाते; फिर भी इस बात का इल्म, आपको होने ना देते; के आप ना आते तो शायद , हम बिखर जाते…  इस काबिल ही कहाँ थे हम, जो आपको पाते; हर दिन आपसे शुरू करते, हर रात आपमें सिमट जाते; बिना आपके हर पन्ना खाली है, ज़िन्दगी का मेरी; सिर्फ ये बात आप समझते, तो शायद हम आज भी मुस्कुराते …  एक इशारा तो करते, आपके हो जाते; अलफ़ाज़ ज़रूरी न थे, हम यूँही समझ जाते; आपने रोका नहीं इसमे, खता हमारी क्या है? आप रोकते तो सही, हम सारी उम्र रुक जाते… 

Protest Against Smelly Stubble #5

"Last night I had this crazy dream. I was on a cruise with Leonardo DiCaprio. I loved his character in Titanic." Reena babbled to Ishika with a smirk in her eyes. "Then what happened? Did he kiss you?" Ishika inquired with completely no interest in her Reema's dream and kept writing her notes. "Do not interrupt, listen to me quietly. He is my all time favorite. I was looking directly into his eyes. Everything was looking like a fairy tale. I could only see his eyes and his mesmerizing smile." Reema stopped. "Then?" Ishika asked again in the same 'I don't care' way. "Then he came closer. He hold my waist and pulled me toward himself. I was breathing hard, and my heart was almost about to explode and come out of my body. I then put my hand on his face, and..." This time Ishika was pulled into the conversation and asked with enthusiasm which almost made her jump out of the chair, "and what?" "Hi

Protest Against Smelly Stubble #4

*Alarm playing Good morning sunshine…* Henry silent the alarm and got back to sleep. *After 2 hours* “Drat I’m late. I should better just take the shower. I’ll shave in the evening. ” Henry said to himself and jumped out of his cosy bed. *After 20 minutes in shower, he came out, get dressed and walked out of his room.* “Good morning guard uncle.” He shouted and waved his hand. “Good morning beta, late? At-least you should have washed your face.” replied the guard. Henry gave a disgust look and moved on. “Good morning Miss Brown.” greeted Henry at the college entrance. “I think someone forget to bath this morning.” Miss Brown smiled and waved her hand at Henry. Now this time the statement surprised him. But he ran fast toward his class. “May I come in sir?” “Yes, only if you promise to bath and then attend my class tomorrow.” answered professor and everyone started laughing. Henry came to his seat and asked his friends what is the m

Protest Against Smelly Stubble #3

"Hey Lily, are you ready? Can I come to pick you up?" asked Mathew with a voice full of life and love. He was all set to go out with the girl of his dreams.  "Just 5 more minutes, and then you can leave." answered Lily. "Ooh, my princess is doing something special for me, right?" "You will find out." Lily replied with a mixed giggle in his voice. Mathew was on cloud nine. Finally everything is perfect. He came back in front of the mirror and adored his beard that he grew specially for this day. Lily's best friend told him that Lily likes mature guys. And somehow Mathew believed that he looks mature and sensitive with that stubble.  After appreciating himself for next five minutes and fantasizing about the day they are going to spend together, he picked up the keys and drove his car to Lily's apartment. “Hey darling”, he get off the car and hugged her. “What is this smell?” Lily inquired. “What smell?”

Follow your heart, and fight your fears...!!!

The latest Stayfree's advertisement on television gives a very substantial message not just to all women, but to everyone who is living under a constant fear. Fear of any kind, related to your profession or regarding your protection, why we are living beneath such pressure all the time?  "Why to tolerate anything just in the name of protection?" If I can, then I will erase this line of control, which sometimes parents and sometimes society draw in between our dreams and us. Parents always ask us what do we want, to wear, to eat, or to play? But when it comes to choose our profession, on which our whole life relies, they want us to choose something that can offer us a protective future, no matter, if that future is completely suffocating. Just because of the fear that if we will follow our dreams we will not earn as much our neighbors will, we are forced to chose what we never imagined. Many of my friends dreamed of being something else, like a dress designer, a singer,

Protest Against Smelly Stubble #2

It happened just a day before yesterday. My college friend asked me to accompany her to a beauty parlor. Though I had nothing to do at the parlor, but then I thought that I even didn't have anything to do at home, so I agreed. There she spent approximately ₹1000 and had every single extra hair on her body removed. Trust me guys it hurts hell a-lot. But this is not the point so lets move on. I asked her, whether there was something special coming up, and she replied with a blush that she was going on a dream date with her boyfriend. I was happy for her, so I wished her luck and said goodbye. Today when I met her, she showed me some pictures from that special date. Obviously my friend was looking extremely gorgeous but her partner, uff..he was apathetic. He didn't even shaved and came with his lousy stubble which he thinks suits him very much. I asked her, did she like the way he came? She said, she loves him in every way and that was so sweet and stupid of her. Guys, Its o

Protest Against Smelly Stubble #1

I always admired mature guys. I thought their ability to deal with situation like an adult makes them more attractive. But I was wrong with the idea of what makes them look mature. I used to thought stubble looks more manly and makes a man look more intellectual and artistic type, like a writer or a professor. But all this changed soon on my very first date. He is the guy that every girl dreams of and I'm the one who have him. I used to love his stubby look, but on our first date, he came in a completely new avatar that made me fall in love with him even more deeply. I was waiting for him at the restaurant, and there entered a guy, the most attractive persona I have ever seen. I neat and clean gentleman. He walked across all the tables, came and sat next to me. My eyes were glued and then he pinched me. "Hello miss, where are you???" It was none other than my love. I started laughing at my own madness. He asked a thousand times what made me blush so much that day