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From my crying pen #2...

Har ibaadat me shaamil, Tu is tarah hua hai, k Rab se saansen mangti hun, To bas tere sang Jeene k liye... Har Khwaab me haasil, Tu is tarah hua hai, k Shab ka intezaar karti hun, To bas ek or baar Tujhe paane k liye... Meri kashti ka saahil, Tu is tarah hua haa, k Lahron se lad jaati hun, To bas tujhme Simat jaane k liye...

Memory that never fades away #1

Author's note: This write-up is one of the most finest and oldest memory of mine, and despite of being years old, it is still fresh and rejuvenating like the smell of wet mud. Do read it once. Reader's Guide: Text written in *.....* are the thoughts of my character. She is actually saying them to herself in her mind. Thank you. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` *I have no idea why daddy has left me here. I don't like this place, I don't know anyone here, I need to go home. All these faces are new for me and I am feeling like an unimportant creek to this place. But I have no clue, how to get back home.* I sat on the chair, and tried to investigate the whole place. "Hey, are you new here? Like me?", A voice came from the chair next to her. "Yes." *I don't know this lad. He is a completely random strange guy. Should I be tal

Coconut, the miraculous nut...!!!

** Reader's guide: The statements written within *......* are the thoughts of my fictitious character Rahul. * Its my third ride to market, and the worst part is for the same thing - COCONUT. I can't understand, why this coconut is so important? Is my sister getting married to a boy or a whole bunch of coconut? * "Bhaiya 4 coconuts please." "Grab these Rahul bhaiya.", shopkeeper said by throwing a bunch of coconuts toward Rahul. "Why are you so important dear nut?", he said holding one of them in his hand. " Rahul beta,  this nut is one of the most important dry fruit used, and has medical as well as spiritual importance. This coconut's tree is also know as 'Tree of life', it gives all that you desire and and is useful from top to bottom. That's why it is one of the most important fruit used in pooja's and hoom's ,and may this fact that in many traditions coconut is used to swear, will help you to realiz

Be the change you want to see in the world...

The recent callous and savage incidents that took place in different parts of the country has jolted us from roots. I used to believe that as long as I am living with my people I'm safe, but looks like things have changed drastically. I talked about this to our colony guard, Shukhdev chach and he gave me this ominous view of future,"Beta, its getting hard day by day to survive in this world, ghor kalyug hai  ". He added, "Beta I have a daughter like you and I try to protect her in every possible way but I can't be certain about what will happen tomorrow, may be some bank official will cheat and bankrupt me, or may be my pharmacologist cheat on me and will give me expired medicines, or may be some day thieves could break into my house and take away all what we have, beta kuch bhi ho sakta hai, kalyug hai kalyug" . Definitely I was not at all glad by listening all this negative stuff, but the question is still persistent my mind that why these incidents ar

The little magic wand - Gillette Satin Care

"I wish I had opted my hair removal...", I kept on hitting my head against the wall and accusing myself for spoiling the wonderful chance of playing Juliet with my childhood crush as Romeo in the college annual function.  "O God, why this happen all the time with me??? After loving him from childhood, when finally he asked me something, I said NO.... Why???", I shouted by looking at the roof. "Now you are being ridiculous Simmi, you are the show director, you have learned every single line by heart, your biggest opponent has a fracture just 2 hours before the final show and given you the golden chance of actually being with your Prince and you are showing attitude... What's your problem Sim, Have you gone mad???", Rashmi questioned me, by pulling me around. I had never seen her like that before, she literally scared me. But I too had a genuine problem. I lifted up my skirt and showed her my un-waxed shanks. "Ooh", she said with a

Talking About Humanity... Seriously???

Till Friday night, I was all set to post my story, which was about a life changing accident of a girl where she met some good people who changed her life for ever, and about how humanity meets a new definition. But on Saturday's morning, when I read the interview of the male friend of December 16's victim, I lost the faith in my own story, and its not because of those six vultures, but because of everyone who slowed down, witnessed their dreadful situation but didn't stop. Its because of those so called police officers who didn't even care about putting the victim in the ambulance because she was bleeding. They were there on the side of road for so long, begging everyone to stop and help them, but no one cared. All they care about was that "Ooh, I should not get involved in any kind of police case, let them die, let them suffer, they are not my relatives or friends." And after two long hours of police arrival when ambulance reached there, none of them dared