Protest Against Unclean Stubble #9

"So what do you think now? You read the posts participated in PAUS. Right?" I asked Saahil, my classmate cum fellow blogger who loves his stubble and nothing could have ever persuaded him to alter that lousy look.

"Indeed, I read them all. And I guess no one adores this look anymore. Neither Isha, who loved Sid unconditionally, yet couldn't tolerate his stubble (Coffee Date). Nor the kids, whether its their father's (My Baby and I) or of Santa (Christmas Wish). There are much more losses, apart from upsetting your beloved wife (Adopting a Good Habit), than anyone ever think (There's more to stubble than you really know). There were myriad stories, poems and references." Saahil replied which baffled me a bit.

"So? Are you going to shave or not?" I inquired directly.

"Listen to me. I'm not finish yet. I always appreciated this look of mine. Makes me look little more grown up. But I don't care about what other think. The only opinion that matters is yours'."

Saahil bent down on his knees and held my hand. "Do you want me to shave?"

"Saahil, do you remember when we were in 6th standard, I kissed your cheek in a school play?"

 He nodded.

"I want to do the same, on the same cheek. But ..." I paused.

"But what?"

"Now if I'll kiss you, your stubble will hurt me."

Saahil smiled at my innocent reply. Finally he was able to see the love in my eyes, for him. He moved a little closer and kissed gently on my cheek, "I promise I will be shaved from now onward."

From that moment our friendship turned into something special. He kept his promise and his clean shaven look bowled me over and over again everyday.

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