Protest Against Smelly Stubble #5

"Last night I had this crazy dream. I was on a cruise with Leonardo DiCaprio. I loved his character in Titanic." Reena babbled to Ishika with a smirk in her eyes.

"Then what happened? Did he kiss you?" Ishika inquired with completely no interest in her Reema's dream and kept writing her notes.

"Do not interrupt, listen to me quietly. He is my all time favorite. I was looking directly into his eyes. Everything was looking like a fairy tale. I could only see his eyes and his mesmerizing smile." Reema stopped.

"Then?" Ishika asked again in the same 'I don't care' way.

"Then he came closer. He hold my waist and pulled me toward himself. I was breathing hard, and my heart was almost about to explode and come out of my body. I then put my hand on his face, and..."

This time Ishika was pulled into the conversation and asked with enthusiasm which almost made her jump out of the chair, "and what?"

"His stubble hurt me. So I backed off."

"Holy crap. You didn't kiss him just because of the stubble?"

"Yeah, I hate that unclean stubble. I would never kiss anyone with such thing on his face. Even if its the Leonardo himself."

"You are impossible." Ishika laughed at her crazy room partner.

"Girls switch off the light. Time to sleep" shouted hostel warden.

They turned off the light and get down on their beds.

"Good night Reema, hope your Leonardo come with a clean shave tonight."

"Ooh he will, he promised." and they both laughed.

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