Protest Against Smelly Stubble #2

It happened just a day before yesterday. My college friend asked me to accompany her to a beauty parlor. Though I had nothing to do at the parlor, but then I thought that I even didn't have anything to do at home, so I agreed. There she spent approximately ₹1000 and had every single extra hair on her body removed. Trust me guys it hurts hell a-lot. But this is not the point so lets move on. I asked her, whether there was something special coming up, and she replied with a blush that she was going on a dream date with her boyfriend. I was happy for her, so I wished her luck and said goodbye.

Today when I met her, she showed me some pictures from that special date. Obviously my friend was looking extremely gorgeous but her partner, uff..he was apathetic. He didn't even shaved and came with his lousy stubble which he thinks suits him very much. I asked her, did she like the way he came? She said, she loves him in every way and that was so sweet and stupid of her.

Guys, Its okay if you like stubble, and you find a girl who is crazily in love with you, but at-least be a gentle man, on a formal date like that. She had herself threaded and waxed and got rid of every single unwanted hair, and you came with a face that was only 40% visible. Come-on dude, you are a man, then act like one. So if you are reading this, then read carefully, my friend deserves much more. So on next date, when she dressed up like a princess, you should better be her prince. Try to rewrite Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, not Beauty and the Beast.

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Thanks for the tag SIS. This is my acceptance post. I would like to tag Nandini , Megha and SIS


  1. Aayu, thanks for accepting the tag. I have acknowledged it here

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