The story of two phonecalls...!

This post is part of 'I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

"Pranam Papa!"
"Bless you my ladoo! Everything alright? You are calling at an unusual time."
"Yes papa everything good, actually it's great."
"Ooh, you sound different, what's new?"
"Papa actually something strangely lovely happened yesterday. I was up late, the night before yesterday to finish some office work, so I woke up at 10 the next morning."
"10? So late?"
"Yes papa, and when I saw the time, I panicked and rushed to the kitchen and what I saw was unbelievable."
"Ooh what was it?"
"I was hoping for a mess but instead, everything was clean and done. Utensils, all clean and arranged, sweeping-mopping done, bedsheets and towels I left in the washing machine were drying in the balcony. And on top of that, there was Upma for breakfast."
"O wow! Really? Who did all this?"
"O papa, who else papa? Your son! My workaholic husband, who cannot see anything beyond his laptop. I was extremely surprised. I mean yeah he used to help with chores every now and then but only when I asked him to. But this was a completely next level."
"Hahaha, Yes, it is. What about today? He helped today or was it just a one-time thing?"
"Today I was on time, yet he himself picked up sweeping and mopping, then helped me in cutting vegetables too. Completely self-motivated and I didn't even throw any tantrum in the last few days, which might have triggered this behavior."
"Hahaha! He is a sincere boy, he might have felt the load you have these days ladoo."
"Yeah, probably. Let's hope this lasts longer papa. I can get used to it."
"You should! My baby must have time for herself."
"Thank you, Papa."
"Love you beta!"
"Papa so when are you giving maa her time?"
"Beta!" He paused then chuckled, "Soon my ladoo, soon."
"Yea! Go papa go #ShareTheLoad, pranam papa." I replied exuberantly and dropped the call.
"Hello, Mammy."
"Hello beta. What's going on?"
"Nothing much Maa, usual office work. What are you cooking for dinner?"
"Ooh me? Nothing?"
"Nothing? Don't tell me you guys are planning to order, it is still not that safe."
"No no! Your father is cooking."
"Papa is cooking? Are you sick? What happened?"
"Hahaha, no no, I'm all good. He is giving me my time and I guess it has something to do with you."
"Ooh, okay. I heard your daughter-in-law talking to him at noon, she probably must have said something."
"Yes she did and I am enjoying the effects. Hahahaha! "
"O maa, go and see if papa is doing okay in the kitchen."
"Beta he is your father. You took care of everything yesterday all by yourself, so I'm sure he can cook rice proficiently. "
"Haha, I'm sure he can, I just hope he found the rice."
Both laughed!
"Tell me beta, what changed? How and when you realised she needed you?"
"Maa, I was observing her since lockdown started. She was always engaged in chores, running errands, placing orders online, paying bills on time, and all that with her office. In all this, she barely gets time for herself."
"Yes, she is a gem."
"She is maa, so I decided to join in. Not only to help her but make some of the chores my own responsibility. After all, this is my home too. I should also be taking care of it, and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove right maa?"
"Yes, you are right. I'm so proud of you beta, of both of you. But make sure this #ShareTheLoad doesn't end with the lockdown."
"It won't maa. Thank you."
"Okay, now I should go and help your father, too much noise just for jeera rice."
"Hahaha, poetry! Go maa, bye."

"Ahem Ahem! Kheer!"
"Wow kheer! Anything special?"
"No just over-heard someone praising me."
"Hey not good, we should not listen to conversations we are not part of."
"Ooh is it? And who will stop me?"
"I will! And here I come."
"Oh Oh save the kheer! Hahaha, now who will save the bedsheet with kheer stains and smell?"
"We both will. My love, would you like to #ShareTheLaundry with me today and the rest of our lives?"
"Hahahaha...So filmy. Yes, I will my love, yes I will."

A heartwarming video by Ariel!


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