Kids stories #1 : Prayu and the bear

One fine morning, Prayu decided to to go for a walk in the nearby jungle. He didn't want to change his clothes so he went out in his night dress. 

When he reached the middle of the jungle, a huge bear appeared in front of him. Bear loved Prayu's night dress.

"Leave your dress here little boy." demanded the bear.

"Otherwise what you will do big bear?" mocked Prayu.

"I will take it from you."

"For that first you have to catch me, Mr. bear." Prayu said and started running as fast as he can. The bear kept chasing him. 

After half an hour Prayu was tired. He remembered a lesson from his class and climbed up a mango tree. 

Bears cannot climb, he waited beneath the tree in frustration. Prayu teased the bear and sat comfortably on the tree, ate mangoes and slept there for a while. 

When Prayu woke up, he saw that the bear was gone. He started jumping and dancing to celebrate his victory. But he lost balance and fell.

When Prayu opened his eyes, he had actually fallen from his bed. Prayu smiled and thanked God for it was just a dream.


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