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Ever wondered why there are no courses on 'parenting' and 'life partnership? Why there's no movie or series which depicts real-life actualities after marriage or childbirth? Probably because the ground reality is not glossy like the Facebook status. 

The truth is, with a loving spouse comes loads of responsibilities and some freaking absurd expectations. With a newborn bundle of joy comes sleepless nights and never-ending diaper-changing marathons for months to come. I might be sounding a bit monotonic, yes both events bring a whole new level of delight; however, they accompany their own set of travails, which barely anyone prepares us to face. 

Not everyone enrolled in engineering will end up being an engineer, or every law student will end up as a lawyer or judge, but 99.9% of them will eventually marry and will become parents, yet there is nothing to educate us for these real-life trials. Won't it be great if there are classes for boys to handle stress between wife and mother-in-law? Maybe a class, to teach girls how not to lose themselves after becoming mothers. I'm hoping maybe someday, some colleges will include these in their curriculum, till then we are on our own. 

Hey! if you find one, tell them I have the idea copyrighted. 😉

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