The Dysfunctional Family...!

What do you think of your family? Do you consider it normal, slightly abnormal, or highly dysfunctional? As a kid I never had any doubts, my family was a completely normal middle-class Indian family. Dad in a menial government job, mom to prove her value, worked as a private school teacher and they had two kids, me and my brother. Everything as expected. My brother and I viewed the world as a sketch our parents drew. Who to trust, what to learn, how to greet, and so on. Then inadvertently things changed.

We moved out of our parent's home and grew our perspectives. Now somehow our conventional life started to seem a bit off. Now both of us are two grown individuals and can see our family through the lens we polished gradually with our experiences. The outcomes were not very exciting. As a result, we started poking our parents. Expected them to change. Their ways are now uncomfortable for us.

Mom is no longer the epitome of perfection. Dad has his flaws as a person. (Isn't it strange how most of us never consider our parents as a person, they are only just mom and dad.) Turns out they both are imperfect and sometimes wrong (was hard for us to believe). They have very different opinions about relationships, politics, and understanding of how the world operates. And somehow this led me to believe that my family is not normal or maybe even dysfunctional. This revelation struck me hard, but now what? One cannot divorce or disown his/her family. We couldn't possibly force their life-long ways and beliefs out of them. Then what?

I pondered a lot for days and finally concluded, does it matter? Embarrassing or wise, we are family! We cannot run away or change them. We gotta stick by each other cause if we won't, why would anyone else? If you think about it, no family is normal, and what exactly is normal? Every family has its quirks. Think about it! You will find many in yours'. My mom and dad are not perfect, neither are we still, we all love each other. Now and then we have the same arguments, discussions about getting our parents divorced cause they are north and south pole apart, I don't talk to my brother for days. Yet at the end of the day, we are family, a normally dysfunctional middle-class Indian family.


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