Make it a happy ending...

The Leela's Beach, Goa
It was the last day of our Goa trip. My best trip yet. I wanted to capture every moment I lived there. Not in pictures but in memories inside my heart. This snap was taken when I was reminiscing the trip and thinking, 'so it comes to an end'.

Doesn't matter whether good or bad, everything that has a start will have to have an end. Key is to cherish it when it's good and learn when it's not that pleasant. Even the mighty sun has to set at the end of the day. But as they say, every end is a new beginning, so don't stop, not now, not here, you got a lot to do.

"Aayu, what happened? Looks like you are lost somewhere." asked my mom, entering the circle of my thoughts. Yes I went to Goa with my family, you can make fun of it, but trust me that was awesome.

"Nothing mom, just thinking, how lovely this trip is, and why this has to end? I guess good thing ends pretty soon."

"Not just good thing sweetie, the bad ends as well."

I gave her a puzzled look.

"Try to remember every important event since your childhood. Do you find everything pleasing?"

I thought for a while and said "No maa."

"But it ended, right?"

I smiled in a nod. "So maa, when one day, when this life will end, will people remember me?"

"Aayu, just stay focused on your good work and leave the rest to Him." She kissed my forehead and left me again with my thoughts. I spend few more minutes at the beach and then came back to the resort.

Now when I look at this picture, I don't just see myself indulged deep in thoughts but I try to perceive the message I understood then. I see the ocean, the mighty ocean, who must be very proud of it's power, that God has bestowed it with. Strong enough to sink anything that goes against it's current, yet gentle enough to give shelter to millions of species in it's heart. May be someday even this vast ocean will end, till then it's continuously doing it's job. So does everything else. The wind, the water, the trees, everyone. Do they expect anything in return? They don't have an actual heart yet doing everything with full of heart. Then why do we humans always expects something in return all the time. Why can't be follow the most valuable lesson that our holy book has taught, "karma karo fal ki chinta mat kro".

Like the ocean, nature has given power to all of us, it could be your ability to make someone smile or to create a huge change in someone's life. But most of us are so busy in our own miseries that we are absolutely blind to others'.

This is one of my favourite quote, "The life that you are living now, is also a dream of millions" and it's completely true. This picture urges me to get up and face whatever is standing in between me and my dreams, which is to bring a change, a better change. If I'll be able to make a single life better, I'll happily say, I have done my job. Cause when it will end one day, I'll make sure it's a happy ending. :) 

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  1. I loved the depth of this post and the mention of transience of life. Thank you for reflecting Ayushi!


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