The best meal of all time...!!!

This time our very own Blogadda comes up with another exciting contest "Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health! ". Yes it is exciting for all the kitchen lovers, who are experts in using those lethal tools skillfully and are perfect in the proficiency of winning hearts through stomach; but for the person like ME, who hates cooking (although I know how to cook everything, but I'm not fond of doing this) , who even doesn't know the name of all ingredients in her own kitchen, this contest was a real challenge.

Being honest I first thought, that I will find a nice recipe on google and will copy paste it here (in which, we engineering students are experts); so I started looking for the one. But within 2 minutes my inner instincts started abusing me, "Aayu, what are you doing? This is cheating."

"So what should I do? I don't know anything special to cook? What could be my signature recipe?", I asked myself.

And the answer that came up was "Veg Masala Maggie."

Yes, this is my signature recipe. Trust me or not, but whenever my friends visit my place, its an usual practice to bring maggie packets and ask me to cook and today I'm gonna share the same with you.

So the ingredients you need are:

1) Maggie packets with Masala in it.
2) Oil, obviously the "Fortune- Rice Bran Health" (The day I remember my kitchen, I have never seen any other oil product other than Fortune, reasons are obviously well know.)
3) Mustard seeds
4) Peas
5) Onion
6) Capsicum
7) Tomatoes
8) Water
9) Salt

My special recipe for a very casual noodle:

1) Put a little oil in the pan, and place it over the burner and inflame it.
2) When oil gets a little warmer, put some mustard seeds into it. (Make sure them make the well know cracking sound)
3)  Add peas in the oil, add a very little salt and place a plate to cover it. (Otherwise they will spill over)
4) After a minute and half, remove the lid, and add sliced onions and capsicum and add little salt once again; and as before cover it for 2 to 3 minutes.
5) Now uncover the pan and add sliced tomatoes along with required salt and cover it again for the time required to completely softens the tomato pieces. (This will add proper taste to it.)
6) Now add required amount of water in the same pan, and allow it to boil.
7) Then pour the Maggie masala into it and mix it well.
8) Finally add the Maggie noddles and cook it well.

And you special Veg Masala Maggie is ready. Serve equally, don't cheat, okay!!!

This post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil &


  1. Haha Engineerinf funda :D
    Well!!! Maggie should be declared as "Bachelor's Food". Loved your simple tadka in Fortune oil.
    ATB for contest :)
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  2. awesome dish! Quite innovative--shall try soon! Thanks Ayushi...:))


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