Do we get the lesson...???

The last episode of "Satya Mev Jayte" was telecasted on 29 July, 2012. As usual the show was adorable. Amir Khan talked about the dreams of our freedom fighters, our Preamble, and about people who are endeavouring for an India which was dreamed by great souls like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar and many others. All of us had seen the show, discussed it, criticised it once more, appreciated it; but was the show meant for this? Do we get the lesson out of it? Did we gain the courage to dream for a better India and work for this? Or we are going to follow the same quote " k bhaiya bahti Ganga me hanth dhote chalo, yahan kuch nahi badalne wala " ?

According to my survey,most of us think that problems in India persists for long because we start thinking about to resolve it when it already deepens the roots. So why don't we stand against it when it was getting started. The usual dilemma with us is that we desperately wish to move on but don't know from where to commence with. So dear friends here is your answer "Get stared with yourself".

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Start thinking about it from the very moment; are you not wasting water?, are you not adding up to the pollution? or are you not directly or indirectly being indulge in corruption? If the answer is yes then start working now; and then encourage your family to join in and finally move to the society. Ask them "not to use plastic bags, or have a rain water harvesting plant or purchase only organic fruits and vegetables". I know it sounds silly and will need your patience, but it took 60 years to worse the situation this much, then it surely will take some time to reverse the process. Ask yourself and who ever is in your contact to make a little change in their habits that will lead to a better environment. And one change leads to the other; one day you will definitely see the difference.

It was an old saying that "you will sow what you reap" but today it has become "our children will sow in future what we reap in present". So make sure you gift them a better India to cultivate their dreams, which has air to breath with no pollution, rivers with holy water not sewage and mother earth with its nutritions and nourishments not chemicals and heavy metals. Call it India , Bharat or Hindustan, it has given us life and lots of love and now its our turn to give it back. "Jai Hind, Satya Mev Jayte."


  1. It was an old saying that "you will sow what you reap" but today it has become "our children will sow in future what we reap in present".

    I agree with this..


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