Protest Against Unclean Stubble #10

After having been written 9 posts uninterrupted on the same topic, I could not resist myself noticing faces. When I look at people, the only question which pops up in my brain is, 'Why or why not you keep stubble?'. So far I had interrogated almost everyone. From grandfathers to grandsons and form my paper-man to night duty watchman.

Last morning when I woke up at the doorbell. I took the vessel, rubbed my eyes and opened the door for my dudhwala bhaiya (milkman). As I saw his face, my eyes sparkled and I was all set to ask the same question for may be 68th time. But I hold my horses and asked something new.

"Bhaiya Ji, from how many days, you didn't shower?"

"Didi Ji I shower everyday."

"But you don't look like.I'm sure bhabhi ji is not happy with you these days?"

"How do you know Didi Ji? Are you a fortune teller? Can you tell me anything else?"

"Yes I can. You will face itching problem on your face in the coming days."

"Is it some disease Didi Ji? Am I going to die?"

"No no Bhaiya Ji. But keep your infant kid away from you. Otherwise you will hurt him too."

"Okay I will. But Didi Ji. What is the matter with me? Please tell me."

"Hahahahaha...Nothing Bhaiya Ji. Just pulling your leg. But this all could happen, if you will not shave for few more days. Doesn't Bhabhi Ji ever complain you? Even I hate that unclean stubble."

"Yes she did. But I ignored her. I was upset about something."

"Bhaiya Ji life is the name of ups and downs. Time changes."

"Okay Didi Ji I will shave."


Today's morning:

"How am I looking Didi Ji?"

"Ditto Salmaan Khan,  Bhaiya Ji!!!!!"

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