Why Coherent Rambling...huh?

I started this blog in 2012 and after 8 years, a really good pal of mine told me that when she put coherent rambling in google search, my blog was on top. I should be thrilled right? But no, I knew that I created this name, I knew it was not something I heard of and stolen as my blog's name. So I knew it's kind of unique, well not completely but considerably. So thought lets sharing what these two words meant to me.

In 2012, this blog has a completely different name, which I'm not going to tell. Cause I was in college, I didn't put much thought to it and opted two words I was hearing most those days. Still not telling you, it's embarrassing. Then one day, I can't recall the day or even the year, my conscience rose and laughed at me to giving that stupid name to the blog. Yeah, still not telling.

Anyways, I sat down to find a new name. But how? or where? or what should I look for? Those days I was reading a lot and I was always fascinated with oxymorons. They are called morons but are quite clever and amusing. So oxymorons are the group of contradicting or opposite words used together. Like 'Open secret', 'cleary misunderstood', 'act naturally', and so on. Clever right? So it has to be an oxymoron!

But not just the common one, something when people read, it must compel them to think or open a dictionary. I knew I will be rambling a lot in this space. My mind used to run in different directions and it still does. Besides rambling is a cool word, it's a noun, a verb, and an adjective. So the literal meaning of rambling is to talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way. 

Then I needed a word which is the antonym of rambling. And boom, coherent pops up in search results. There was nothing special about it, except it sounds like a sciency word, which is cool. I like science. Google's definition says coherent means a logical and consistent argument, theory, or policy.

So "The Coherent Rambling" means a place where my confused thoughts find a logical meaning. A place where my words sound inconsequential to you but are consistent with my heartbeat. Hi! This is Ayushi, and I welcome you to The Coherent Rambling.


  1. I was thinking to ask you the same since many days, but now u revealed. I must say- amazing name it is.


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