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Excerpt from a mother's diary #2

The day my son was born, I decided I will be a super mom. I will take care of him, manage the chores along with my job. After three months, I limited my responsibilities to my kid and the office. Today when he is six and half months old, I'm only able to look after my son. The thought of resuming the office is giving me goosebumps. But this is not the actual cause of my concern. I'm scared of judgments and losing my financial independence. I'm worried if I won't work I'll be deemed a loser. I will be relying on someone else for my expenses. People will judge me for being educated yet just a homemaker. So many suggestions will pour in. "You should have hired a full-time maid." "Grandparents could have taken care of the baby." "Leave child at daycare." "So many working mothers manage, why can't you?" I know I'm making a big deal out of it. So many women around the globe are managing their job with babies. Hats off to the