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Let's start over

She opened a blank notebook… Again... She started writing journal when she was 12 and decided that she will only write experiences that makes her happy. It was her believe that journals are another way to remember good things. As per her plan, when she will be old, she will read all her journal and will only smile. Nothing saddening. Nothing melancholy. What could possible go wrong in her life when she has a loving family, couple of extremely good friends and a wonderful life. But life has other plans, which were not so parallel with hers’. Her fight with her bestest friend, was the first awful thing she mentioned in it. For next two days, she did not write. When she opened it back, she ripped down all the previous pages. But promised that now nothing will go wrong. “Bhagwaan ji, only happy memories please. Let’s start over.” She opened her blank notebook and started again. Second was when her father lost his job and she couldn’t apply for good coll

Worshipping the Omnipresent

"Guys guys, Ganesh Chaturthi is coming. Now wherever I'll go, people will worship me. They will offer me bananas. They will vow in front of me and will ask me for blessings." Triumphed the mighty elephant. "Chill dude! Soon after they will put you in chains. No offence dude, but you are too big. They will sit on you and will ask you to salute." commented the monkey king sardonically. "O com'on you chip munk, can't you let me be happy with this?" "He is not wrong and you know it." Consoled the cow. "Human does this with all of us. They consider me as the holy animal. But once I'll stop giving them milk, they will left me to starve. Only thing left for us to feed upon is rotten stuff that too packed in polythene bags." "True. I'm telling you, these humans cannot be loyal to anyone. I am their close relative. If you don't believe me, you can match faces. Only teeny tiny difference. Look! With me they

Make it a happy ending...

The Leela's Beach, Goa It was the last day of our Goa trip. My best trip yet. I wanted to capture every moment I lived there. Not in pictures but in memories inside my heart. This snap was taken when I was reminiscing the trip and thinking, 'so it comes to an end'. Doesn't matter whether good or bad, everything that has a start will have to have an end. Key is to cherish it when it's good and learn when it's not that pleasant. Even the mighty sun has to set at the end of the day. But as they say, every end is a new beginning, so don't stop, not now, not here, you got a lot to do. "Aayu, what happened? Looks like you are lost somewhere." asked my mom, entering the circle of my thoughts. Yes I went to Goa with my family, you can make fun of it, but trust me that was awesome. "Nothing mom, just thinking, how lovely this trip is, and why this has to end? I guess good thing ends pretty soon." "Not just good thing sweetie, the

It's too late to ask...!!!

“Guys, what's too late now?” I popped up the question as soon as I read the WOW’s theme for this weekend to my childhood sweethearts plodding in my flat at 1'O Clock mid night. “Why?” “Just say na.” “Too late to order pizza now.” “Too late to call mom.” “WHY?” ”Dude, It’s 1 in the night bro, she will think I passed away.” “Too late to complete the thesis which I was supposed to start last Saturday.” “Too late to lose your virginity.” “Cause you already have A*****e” “I’m talking about you kiddo.” “Oye, who kiddo?” “You bachcha.” “Guys guys, don’t fight. Continue.” “Too late to kick that b*****d, who said go for engineering, has a lot of scope.” "Too late to change Indians." "To late to change their habits." Silence spread for 5 seconds. “Too late to fight over Shreya.” “Hey, is she married now?” “Yes dude, last year, told you na, it’s too late now.” “It’s too late to bunk classes and spend whole day in canteen.” “Hahaha…And it’s too l

Always wanted...

A parrot! A dazzling green and red parrot. I always wanted to be a parrot when I was 3. I just don't want to own it, but to be a parrot. Green and red being my favourite colours and statement from my mother that you could be anything you want, rooted this dream even harder. But pretty soon I released, it's not only impossible but implausible. Soon I changed my ideology, got sensitive, observed people around and took a firm decision of becoming a home maker. Cause they can nap in the afternoon. And I don't have to rush anywhere, like my mother who is a working lady. I was so determined that I started to train myself from the very next day and perceived that a home maker has to cook and clean, wake and wash, bring and build, make and shake, give and take; and practice all the verbs in our grammar. (So do working but my mom always get some help, my granny never.) As a result I ascended on my journey to search for another wanted to be, where I met a lady doctor.