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The Ethical Dilemma...!

This old lady is always there. No matter at what time we move in or out between 8 AM and 9 PM of our nearest local station, she will be there, with a dirty plastic bowl in her hand. At 80 something, without the ability to commute on her own or to see or hear properly, we always find her begging at the exact same place. Like this is the only thing she learned in her whole life. People give her all sorts of things, money, food, clothes or even paper or polythene to sit on. We never failed to notice her and sometimes put a fruit in her bowl.  On the last day of Durga pooja , we were passing by her and it struck us that we should offer her something good, to eat. We went to a snack shop nearby and bought 2 samosas , some dhokla , packed chips and a bottle of water. I remember we were very excited and were expecting that she will be too. But when I sat down in front of her, I was shocked by my core.  She cannot see at all, hearing ability is almost zero, she got scared when I touc