Experience worth a million words: Children's day celebration!

When asked what they want to be, doctor and engineer were not even close to their answers!

This children's day, I picked my scooter and hit the road to see, if there is anything I can do. I knew visiting orphanages or government schools is always an option. But it's an option for almost everyone. I wanted to do something different. Last year I took kids who sell balloons and roses outside 'Noida Sector 18' metro station, to the nearby McDonald's. Staff was overwhelmed and allowed them inside. Heck of a day it was!

This year I had nothing in my mind. I only rode for a minute or two, when I saw these kids, playing. There is a construction site nearby. They belong to workers employed there. I called one of the elder woman, and asked if I'll offer anything for these kids to eat, would she approve? She delightedly accepted my request.

I asked her how many kids are here and rushed to nearby market(Qutub Plaza) and ordered 10 Dominos mini parcels. Bought 10 KitKat and a Britannia fruit cake. Our party menu was ready! 😁

Priceless smiles
I drove back and kids were over-excited. They were smiling and looking at the paper bag hanging on my scooter. They already knew they are about to get a treat. I called all of them and asked if their hands are cleaned. Few answered in affirmation, rest ran to wash. I started asking their names and giving them the parcel box. Few which I can recall are Shradhdha, Lakshmi, Bhanu, Raja and Daljit. Made them sit in shadow and started talking to them.

They don't go to schools cause their parents keep moving from place to place for work. Though few of them stayed at their natives to study. But admits that it didn't feel good without parents. I asked them about their favourite colour. They couldn't answer for a long time so I asked who likes red and blue and yellow. Almost everyone like every colour. 😂

It was really difficult to think about questions to ask them. These are not ordinary kids. They don't have ordinary lives. Yet their smiles and enthusiasm is beyond ordinary. They don't complain about toys they don't have or weekend pizza and noodles. Many of them don't even know these modern day eating delicacies and fancy toys. You will see the equal amount of joy on their faces when they get a broken toy or a brand new one. May be they understand life better than us and hence cherish what they get. And finally before leaving I asked them what they want to be? Answer is in trailing video!

Hope this inspires at least one of you to do something good for those who are generally overlooked. If you want to help someone, you will never need to walk even half a mile. You will find someone next door or next lane. Only thing missing is the will of exploring and the dare of asking if they need help!

May they get all the happiness and right guidance to write a better future for themselves. 


  1. Beautifully written.....An inspiring blog with entertainment and strong message.

  2. You did a great deed. Keep doing that and inspire others. :)


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