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खाना बनाना आता है ?

"लीजिये ना बहनजी, समोसे एकदम गरम हैं ! " 70 किलो की श्रीमती आशा जी जिन्होंने 30 किलो के गहने और साड़ी पहनी हुई थी, मनोज जी के विनम्र अनुग्रह पर, बड़ी बारीकी से देखकर सबसे बड़ा समोसा हाँथ में ले लेती हैं। समोसे का स्वाद लेते हुए उनके चेहरे पर सवाल आया ही था कि, श्रीमती विमला जी एक और नास्ते से  ट्रे रखते हुए बोली, "ये सारा नास्ता साक्षी ने खुद जोमाटो से आर्डर करा है। बहुत तेज़ है हमारी बिटिया। कोई भी ऍप या टेक्नोलॉजी फट से सीख लेती है। लीजिये ना लड्डू लीजिये , शुद्ध घी के हैं। " "जी मैंने कंप्यूटर साइंस से M Tech करा है, मां बस ऐसे ही छोटी छोटी छोटी बातों को बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर बोल रहीं हैं।  आज कल ये हर कोई कर लेता है। " "सही कहा अपने। " रोहित ने तुरंत ताल में ताल मिला दी। रोहित एक बड़ी कंपनी में मैनेजमेंट की किसी पोस्ट पर विदेश में काम करता है। अच्छे कॉलेज से MBA करने के तुरंत बाद ही वो देश के बहार चला गया था। आज अपनी माँ और पिता जी की साथ साक्षी को शादी के लिए देखने आया है। "वैसे इंटरेस्ट क्या हैं आपके ? मैंने सोशल मीडिया पर आपका प्रोफाइल द

The Ethical Dilemma...!

This old lady is always there. No matter at what time we move in or out between 8 AM and 9 PM of our nearest local station, she will be there, with a dirty plastic bowl in her hand. At 80 something, without the ability to commute on her own or to see or hear properly, we always find her begging at the exact same place. Like this is the only thing she learned in her whole life. People give her all sorts of things, money, food, clothes or even paper or polythene to sit on. We never failed to notice her and sometimes put a fruit in her bowl.  On the last day of Durga pooja , we were passing by her and it struck us that we should offer her something good, to eat. We went to a snack shop nearby and bought 2 samosas , some dhokla , packed chips and a bottle of water. I remember we were very excited and were expecting that she will be too. But when I sat down in front of her, I was shocked by my core.  She cannot see at all, hearing ability is almost zero, she got scared when I touc

The Mad Man...!

A few weeks ago my hubby and I were waiting for our train at Vashi station when a lady begged us for money. Since she was looking healthy and capable to make her earning we refused the monetary help but offered her a biscuit packet. All of sudden, out of nowhere an old man in sixties wearing a pant and shirt with wearable slipper and a khadi shoulder bag appeared and scowled the lady away. He then turned to us and requested in English not to offer packed food, as these people don't eat them but sell them back to retailers. He had a point and we nodded. But that was not it. He then started telling stories of similar incidents and repeating the same sentences in a loop. Within the next 2-3 minutes, we made up our minds to ignore him and designated him as a 'mad man'. Our disregards didn't convince him that he no longer had an audience and continued explaining the same thing. Finally, I broke my silence and rebuked him to leave us alone. In microseconds, I realized I ac

Khajuraho: A small town with international fame.

"The world is getting more connected through technology and travel. Cuisines are evolving. Some people are scared of globalization, but I think people will always take pride in cultural heritage." - John Mackey Do you know a town which did not has a railway station till 2008, or a proper mall even today with a handful of known brands but has hotels like Ramada, The Lalit, and Radisson? Is it even possible? Yes, it is. I'm talking about Khajuraho. A small town in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, widely known for its erotic sculpture throughout the world. But this town offers much more with the temple walls engraved with passionate lovers. Located in the Vindhya Mountain range, Khajuraho is a peaceful town without rush and traffic noises. Only greenery and a few huge hotel banners. You will easily find autos and cabs which could take you to different locations. The Temples: The temples are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and are divided into 3 gr

Chapter 3: The Confession

Trenched in guilt, we decided to go out to refresh our minds. It is Christmas Eve and the whole town is ornated. Everyone is in a festive mood, people are dressed, and kids are laughing and running. We brought some sweets and gifts for Martha’s children, but couldn’t face them. Their aunt opened the gate and we handed over the gifts to her. Martha lives in a crude neighborhood. Only small houses, shops for bare minimum necessities, no park for kids, or even a decent medical store. We walked out of the place immediately and drove to the Palolem beach. “What should we do now?” I asked breaking the silence of the roaring waves. A: What can we do? “It’s because of us, Martha is behind the bars, and does anyone of you believe, she can murder someone, after everything she told us?” R: What do you suggest? “Buckle up and let’s find the real culprit.” M: Are you high or something? How can we find out who attacked Rastogi. Only he knows and right now he is in a coma. “Ex

Chapter 2: The Following

"So where were you last night Miss Rupali?" the police officer may be asking her. Rupali is the last one he called for questioning. We were just formality, it is her, he is really interested in. He asked us to sit on another side of the hall. We can clearly see the smirk on the officer's face but Rupali's was barely visible. We have many questions ourselves, to ask her. Why she called him? that too just before he was attacked? Does she know him personally? If yes, is there any conflict between them? Why she didn't tell us? The police officer may be asking her the same questions. We don't want to doubt her but the teeny tiny practical side of our brain is blasting all sorts of possibilities. S: I hope she is not afraid. Officer is taking too long M: Why would she? "Yeah, why would she?" I muttered. We exchanged a worried look. "Shipra, she was with you last night, right?" S: Yes yes, we were strolling through the garden and ... "

Chapter:1 The Night

Disclaimer: The following story is a 3 chapter murder mystery. The 5 names used here (Shipra, Rupali, Srashti, and Alamkriti are the real name of my school friends. Another resemblance with anyone or any incident is pure coincidence.) If you want me to say that it is a usual night in Goa, I'll say it, but it is not. We are all gathered in the center dining hall of The Leela, thanks to Shipra, the Richie rich, beautiful and comptroller of our group of 5. Only she can make reservations on such short notice before Christmas. After many unsuccessful plans, 4 weddings and 1 baby we finally managed to have our dream trip, not Thailand, not Dubai but Goa, cause this was something we had been planning since 12th standard. We checked in 3 days ago for Rupali's bachelorette. Our small town girl is a big name in the industry and we now have a celebrity among us. We had never thought she will get married, cause she was basically married to her passion but then she met the lucky bastard

बचपन की पोटरी: ईद मुबारक़ अंकल...!

बात उन दिनों की है जब मैं शायद 8 या 10 साल की थी | मेरा घर एक छोटे से शहर के बड़े से मोहल्ले में था | वहाँ दिवाली होली ईद क्रिसमस सिर्फ एक मज़हब के लोग नहीं पूरा मोहल्ला साथ में मनाता था । हर कोई वहाँ मुँह बोले रिश्तों में बंधा था | ज्यादातर मोहल्ले वाले हमारे अंकल आंटी नहीं बल्कि दादा दादी चाचा चाची होते थे | वैसे मुझे सारा मोहल्ला जनता था पर सामने वाले घर से मुझे और मेरे भाई को कुछ ज्यादा लगाव था। अंकल आंटी (क्यूंकि वो मम्मी पापा से बहुत बड़े थे इसलिए चाचा चाची नहीं बोल सकते थे ) और उनके 5 बच्चे।  3 लड़के जिनसे भाई की खूब बनती और 2 लड़कियाँ जिनसे मेरी खूब बनती | वो हर होली  हमारे यहाँ गुजिया खाने आते और हम हर ईद उनके यहाँ सेवइयां। सब एकदम सही और खुशनुमां था सिर्फ एक चीज़ के | वो ये के मुझे अंकल से बहुत डर लगता था। इतना के अगर में घर से बहार निकलूं और अंकल अपने दवाज़े पर खड़े हों तो मैं उलटे पैर घर में चुप चाप वापस चली जाती थी। छत से छुप छुप कर देखती और जब अंकल वहां नहीं होते तभी बाहर जाती, फिर चाहे लंगड़ी में मुझे अपनी 2-3 चाल ही क्यों ना छोड़नी पड़े। इस बेवज़ह से डर की वज़ह तो मुझे आज तक नही

वो सुर्ख़ लाल ग़ुलाब ...|

"ये रहीं ऋतिका की बुक्स और पेंसिल बॉक्स | और कुछ तो नहीं रह गया ?" "टेलर के यहाँ से जो आप कुर्ता पिछले सप्ताह लाने वाले थे ... " "अरे यार स्वाति...सो सॉरी मैं कल पक्का... " "अरे बाबा मैं वो कुर्ता ले आई | डोंट वरि | " "तुम भी ना स्वाति | ऋतिका बेटा, यहाँ आइये और अपना सामान ले जा कर अंदर रखिये | " ऋतिका भागते हुए आई, "थैंक यू पापा | दादी दादी देखो मेरा नया पेंसिल बॉक्स... " कहती हुई दादी के कमरे में वापस चली गई | "जब से माँ आई हैं ये बस उन्ही के कमरे में रहती है न ? " "हाँ, कम से कम मेरा सर नहीं खाती अब दिन भर, सवाल पूछ-पूछ कर | " "हाहाहाहा। ... अरे माँ ! आइये बैठिये न | " "उदय, बेटा  मैंने तुझसे एक गुलाब मंगवाया था वो नहीं लाया तू? " "माँ मैं बिलकुल भूल गया, कल ले आऊंगा | पक्का | वैसे आपको चाहिए क्यों गुलाब का फूल? पूजा के लिए और भी फूल लगे हैं हमारी बालकनी में | " "नहीं पूजा के लिए नहीं बालों में लगाने के लिए | " इतना कहकर माँ वापस अपने कमरे में चली गई

An Epitome of embarrassment...!

So this is exactly what happened. I was at my dermatologist and before the procedure, attendant put the numbing cream on my face, which had to stay there for an hour. Now my face is fully covered with white foamy cream and I had to urinate. I looked at my watch and decided not to wait and go right then. I informed the attendant and her response was expected yet it surprised me. Still bewildered, she informed me that washroom is on 1st floor, which I already knew. She again tried to explain me the severity of the situation, by mentioning the fact, that there are people out in the hall and on my way up, which was also not a breaking news. Then finally she disclosed what was exactly causing her discomfort (while I was the one holding pressure in my bladder). "Won't it be embarrassing maám?" and I whimsically asked "Why?" "Cause people will see you like this." I chuckled at her response. "Don't worry, I'll handle the embarrassment but fo