Protest Against Smelly Stubble #1

I always admired mature guys. I thought their ability to deal with situation like an adult makes them more attractive. But I was wrong with the idea of what makes them look mature. I used to thought stubble looks more manly and makes a man look more intellectual and artistic type, like a writer or a professor. But all this changed soon on my very first date.

He is the guy that every girl dreams of and I'm the one who have him. I used to love his stubby look, but on our first date, he came in a completely new avatar that made me fall in love with him even more deeply.

I was waiting for him at the restaurant, and there entered a guy, the most attractive persona I have ever seen. I neat and clean gentleman. He walked across all the tables, came and sat next to me. My eyes were glued and then he pinched me.

"Hello miss, where are you???"

It was none other than my love. I started laughing at my own madness. He asked a thousand times what made me blush so much that day, but I never told him.

But my delusion about stubble making a man look more mature and attractive changed that day. The time I said good night to him, I hugged him and smelled a very different fragrance which whispered in my ear "Yes, go for it" and I kissed him on his cheek and left him with a unforgettable blush and tickling.

So guys if you think that stubble looks good on you, then without it, you are great. Try it. Your partner will love it.

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