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The clothes...!

  Source: Google image search "Hey! are you busy? I need to talk about something." "Well, I'm preparing for a meeting, but anyways go on." "Have you ever wondered how come some chores are so boring and insignificant you wish you could skip them completely?" "Yeah! like what?" "Like separating fenugreek leaves, placing groceries in respective shelves/containers and worst of all the whole clothes arrangement." "Clothes? Really? I thought you love clothes." "I love buying them. Let me explain. Every day, I decide what to wear, wear them, collect all dirty clothes, dump those in the machine, schedule a wash cycle, pull them out once washed, dry them, pick them up once dried, fold them, segregate, put them back in the closet and then next day repeat the same cycle." "Okay, it does not consume a lot of time, does it?" "No! it does not, but it does consume a lot of my brain." "Oh really?" &

Excerpt from a mother's diary #1

While I was typing this post, my life's most worthy creation was sleeping beside me. Though nature did most of the work, I still credit myself for his mesmerizing cuteness. People say after kids, we forget ourselves and the kids become the center of our universe. You might hope I'll say otherwise, but I couldn't agree more, LOL!  Image source: Google My son is less than 3 months but feels like he has been with us since always. Ever since I started future planning (somewhere at the age of 9 or 10), though naively, two kids and a dog were always part of my plan. I had no idea motherhood will be this fulfilling. Kids make us fall in love on a whole new level, much beyond what we were ever capable of. Seeing pictures of other kids I had texted aww but seeing my kid's eyes when he smiles, I feel that aww. My heart melts at such moments. To be honest, it is not always sunshine. I have changed myriad diapers, morning-evening, and in the middle of the night (I still do). I smel