An Epitome of embarrassment...!

So this is exactly what happened. I was at my dermatologist and before the procedure, attendant put the numbing cream on my face, which had to stay there for an hour. Now my face is fully covered with white foamy cream and I had to urinate. I looked at my watch and decided not to wait and go right then. I informed the attendant and her response was expected yet it surprised me.

Still bewildered, she informed me that washroom is on 1st floor, which I already knew. She again tried to explain me the severity of the situation, by mentioning the fact, that there are people out in the hall and on my way up, which was also not a breaking news. Then finally she disclosed what was exactly causing her discomfort (while I was the one holding pressure in my bladder).
"Won't it be embarrassing maám?" and I whimsically asked "Why?"
"Cause people will see you like this."
I chuckled at her response. "Don't worry, I'll handle the embarrassment but for now I can not hold, I have to go."

Have you ever noticed, first, how easily do we feel embarrass? Second, embarrassment is an extremely personal affair. Think about it, no one can make you feel embarrassed without your consent. This whole "feeling embarrassing" is only the symphony of your own brain.

For say, you tumbled in a coffee house full of people, many noticed. Now your brain interprets this as, "O shit! Everyone is looking, must be thinking what a jerk, if she can't walk in heels she shouldn't wear them." But this is what YOU thought. They may have completely different thought like "Ooh! she recollected herself so elegantly." Might be many didn't think anything at all, or may be many didn't even notice. But you will spend rest of the time there feeling nervous, self conscious and thinking that everyone else is judging you. Similar applies when you had doubt in class but didn't ask. You had an excellent idea but couldn't speak up in the meeting.

I'm not saying the way you to chose to response in a situation is wrong, anyhow it's your life. But think about it for a moment. Does stopping yourself cause "what world will think" ideology ever snatched a great opportunity (could be anything) from you? If yes, then make yourself free from it. Sing in a public place. Compliment a stranger. Eat rice with your hands in a fancy restaurant. Don't just write LOL, but actually laugh out loud. Do what you really want to do. And let the world judge you! Be you!

Finally, let me tell you what happened when I moved out with white foamy thing on my face. Yes people did look at me in a bizarre way. But it didn't matter. I didn't know any of them, and none of them knew me. I had to choose between a few seconds of unspoken opinions which are simply the creation of my brain  OR a relieved bladder followed by 30 minutes of sound sleep before the procedure. I chose later. What would you have done?


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