Letter to self...!!!

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* The day was not at all happening as I had expected it to be 25 years ago. I didn't want to go out of my room and spoke to anyone. In these 25 years of marriage things have changed drastically, Arun has no time for me, he is all about his business. Business, that had been so lucrative for us and had brought so many luxuries in our life, made us capable of educating our children in best schools of country and gave us opportunity to see the world. But still I'm not delighted. Why? I'm a proud mother of two kids, who are now in leading firms of country, they have given me everything I had expected from them but still I'm alone on my 50th birthday. Why? I should be cheerful and contented. But look who I am? Just a nostalgic woman. *

With these dismay thoughts, Anushka got up from her bed and decided to go back to work as they were only prejudicing her situation. She took her dresses which were there on the table and opened the self to 
put them in it; and something flew down to her feet.

"What is this?", she said to herself."O my goodness, this is my letter, I wrote it 25 years ago for myself. I had completely forget about it." She sat down with the letter and opened it.

Dear Me, or I should say Respected Me (As you are elder than me now,hehe..Now don't laugh at your stupid joke, carry on with the letter.)

I'm sure when you'll be reading this letter, you must have two kids, a girl and a boy, right? Two boys will also work or even two girls, but don't even think about more than that. After all we have some responsibilities toward our country. So who so ever it is, just tell them, I love them so much, without even knowing who they are. :) They must have done their college from IIT, I'm sure and now might be working in Google or Microsoft. I'll be so proud on them. 

Your hubby, or I should say our hubby, must have achieved great heights in business. You always dreamed of being the better half of a successful business man. He must be working day and night for you. Right? Also tell him that I love him a lot.

But after having all these things, if you are still not happy, then remember, its not their fault, its your's. 

You always wished your kids to be IITians, you want them to be rich, you expected them to excel in everything. And now look, they did it. They are living a life which you had dreamed for them. So what if they don't have time for you; not even for you, but also not for their own family. What if they never get the chance to live an idyllic life like their friends, where they sure have some problems but have time for their very owns.

It was you, who always told her husband about your dreams and life you wanted to have. Its not his fault that he loved you so much, and worked for you continuously day and night. He knows that Business is war, and its too late for him to come back from that war. 

So don't blame anyone else dear, its your own fault, these are the fulcrum of your own wishes. But whatever it is, always remember, they all love you and will always do. Now go and tell them what you actually want. 

-With lots of wishes and regards

Your true well wisher, YOU 

"O my God. What I did? I put them on fire for my dreams. I did all this.", she said to herself as she finished reading the letter. She had spend her life in dreaming of luxury and prosperity, but now when she had realized that the true wealth is exactly the time we spend in laughing and playing with family, all her dreams were meaning less and then there were none.

She closed her eyes for a while and opened them after few seconds. "I ruined this and I will make it." She took the keys and drove to Arun's office.

"What are you doing here sweet heart? I was just about to leave.", Arun said while opening the door of his cabin.
"I know, But I can't wait. Arun I love you so much. All I want is just you, not all this business and money. Just be with me, please!", she said and hugged him.
"I love you too baby and I'm always with you.", he assured her,and hugged her back. "Okay now lets go to some good restaurant and celebrate your birthday.Okay?"
"Arun can we go and see kids. I thought if they can't come, we should go and visit them. Can we go?"
"Sure honey, whatever you want. Just keep smiling and loving me."

And they both smiled at each other like they used to do years ago.

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  1. It often takes years to realize this. I am glad your protagonist realized it through a letter she had written it to herself. You have given a nice idea of being true to the time we spend with our loved ones. :)
    All the Best.

  2. Very beautiful post :)
    All the best for BAT

  3. swweet :) the simple pleasures of life bags it!

    Kappu - Happily never after

  4. Such a sweet post...makes me want to write to myself now... :)

  5. awwwww, lol i actually have a diary from when I was younger addressing the woman I am now... Dear Future Self, is what I have referred to myself as now!

  6. Very good story, the imagination, the message and the novel way of putting it across.:)Yes, the past can hurt but the way I see it ...you can either run from it or learn from it.

  7. Such a simple message, something we all know and yet forget - At the end of the day, one's worth is measured not by the coins in one's purse but the hearts in which one resides.

    All the best for BAT :)

    Mixi (Let me know what you think of my first BAT entry ever!)

  8. Also wanted to mention, that for someone who's blog is called Adolescence, your writing is very mature indeed :)

  9. Well written story. Nice way to suggest that the answers are all within us, it is just that we don't listen to ourselves for long. ATB

  10. Beautiful.. Seems more like personal thoughts than a BAT entry.. Best of luck

  11. Very well written. Excellent take.
    All the best.

  12. We have all ears to the chaos of outer world but deaf towards the words of inner-self ...beautifully written..ATB for BAT

  13. Such a sweet post Aayu.. Everyone should realize this at an early stage rather than at 60's and 50's.. Hmm..

    Someone is Special

  14. amazing and cute post....:)
    Guess what...I have nominated you for the liebster award. Congrats!! :)

  15. I liked this touch. So real and touchy.

  16. So true, not everyone gets to realize the importance of the simple pleasures of life in time befor eits too late. Good luck for BAT.

  17. its unavoidable the chaos life falls into during the peak periods of one's career . . if we forget to take the needed remedies then , there is every chance of the family breaking down . . such is the trend in the modern world . Your post points in towards the right message in that regard . . loved the write up :)


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