Prenatal diary: How I fought gestational diabetes?

Starting with the double lines, on a home pregnancy test, the next eight months are physical and emotional roller coaster for any pregnant woman. My first trimester was about accepting the changes. We will talk about those in some other post. The second trimester, I thoroughly enjoyed. I started looking pregnant, I had no cravings but I enjoyed cooking specials and treating myself. I once made a ginormous burger and ate it until my soul satiated. Unfortunately, the third trimester ended the honeymoon period and complications struck. One of them was gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a condition characterized by an elevated level of glucose in the blood during pregnancy and is typically resolved after the birth. For obvious reasons, my family and I got worried. As suggested by my gynecologist, I consulted the endocrinologist. After studying my case, she suggested either starting the insulin right away or tweaking my routine and monitoring sugar levels twice every day until delivery. I opted for later. 

In the beginning, it was excruciating. I thought I would break at some point in time. I wanted to eat for a full stomach, not just the bare minimum. There were no cheat days for the next couple of months. I had to stick to the same routine every single day.

  • I could not eat more than two chapattis at a time.
  • After one hour of two meals every day, I had to check and note down my sugar levels (for the next doctor’s appointment).
  • I avoided rice (in good quantity) and consumed only two to three spoons in a meal.
  • Replaced three big meals with five to six smaller meals.
  • No outside food, meant no junk, no chocolates, no burgers.
  • With a limited diet, I increased my physical activities. I walked twenty minutes post meals along with daily exercises. It is recommended for natural insulin secretion.
  • Finally, I meditated every night to combat the stress.

Even after all this, my fasting sugar level was high, for which I started insulin before bed (suggested by the doctor). Luckily, I did not get any cravings in the last three months as well, which made the whole situation slightly better.

With all the odds, I did it. For all the tests and scans I went through, reports came normal. My doctor was proud, and so was I. I can say with pride that I did not let diabetes affect the growth of my child.
Now my beautiful son is seven months. Gestational diabetes does put me at high risk of developing type two diabetes. I check my sugar levels once every quarter. I still follow the same routine. Regular exercises, small frequent meals, avoid junk as much as possible, and majorly consume sugar in its natural form.

Diabetes can be a scary term, and it is. Nevertheless, when it is for her child, a mother can be as tough and fierce as a tigress. Read and talk to those who share a similar experience. You will see that you are never alone.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor; this post is not a guide to tackling gestational diabetes. Please follow professional instructions. Post's only intention is to share the experience.


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