Review: Urban Company Pain Relief Massage...!

 Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. 

I am someone who plans to get a massage in an aromatic spa on her every vacation but always cancels because she doesn't like to be touched by strangers *rolling eyes*. I even skipped my postpartum massages for the same reason. But to initiate this year with some new experience, I booked a home massage through Urban Company. I made some clicks, selected a massage (by reading their descriptions on the app), and voila!!! A day before the D-day, a masseuse was assigned, Jessica. I read her reviews, which clinched my desire to cancel the booking. Someone wrote: “masseuse from heaven”. I have to try this.

Jessica and I exchanged a few messages on the UC app to confirm the booking and address. She arrived 15 minutes before the scheduled time. I escorted her to the room. I kept it ready for the purpose. Clean calm, with perfect temperature and aroma, and dimly lit (I used a heater to warm it up a bit and sprayed curtains with my deodorant). She brought a huge folding massage table and every other thing to set the mood. 

I was thrilled to see the ambiance, it looked soothing. She even played soft spa music. She offered me disposable massage-appropriate covers. The awkwardness took over my thrill (since it was my first time). She inquired about any recent surgery or injury, which area I want her to concentrate on, and which oil to apply, out of four she had. Then she asked me to lie down on my stomach and finally, the massage began. Boy oh boy! 

*My thoughts during the session.*

Yes, I did it! Finally! OMG, a girl is touching me! She has recently applied nail paint. Ooh, this feels amazing. Oil is warm that's good. Oh God, this hurts, should I tell her? Ouch, my knuckles, they can make this sound, I didn't know. What's the time? If I sleep, would she mind? What if I start snoring? Do I feel lighter? I do. It's a good sign. How many times do I need to bathe to rinse off the oil?

Massage ended after 60 minutes. I made the payment, she sanitized everything and wrapped it up. Once she left I pondered about the whole experience. Since I have no previous experience, I couldn't compare it. This is how I felt about it:

How was the overall experience?
It was somewhere between good and awesome

Do you feel the massage after-effects?
Yes, I do feel lighter. Especially my back feels great

Was the money worth it?
Compared with regular spa charges, and considering the whole massage experience is coming at your doorstep at your own preferred time, it's worth it. 

Will you do this again?
Yes but not very soon.

How was your masseuse? How would you rate her?
She was nice, professional and knows her job. The best part of her was not to ask for a good rating. She talked only when necessary. She did her job well

Any suggestion for the first-timers?
Next day you may feel soreness in some parts of your body, that's normal if you do not get regular massages, opt for something with light or moderate pressure. Don't hesitate in conveying if you are uncomfortable.

Will you set up another booking for your hubby?
Yes! only if he is paying. :p 

I hope this helps. If you are planning for a massage, it’s a big thumps up. Go for it and try something new. Happy new year.


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