Cause goodness will always follow...!

During my training days in Wipro, one of my batch-mate used to tease me all the time. Co-incidentally, the particular three times when he almost made me cry, he got attacked, with increasing severity. Finally after 3rd attack he confronted me in front of everyone, "It's you, right? Who is planning all these attacks on me?" His question came quite obvious, but no it was not me. Yet it blew up my mind, and with all my strength I yelled at him for next 5 minutes. How could anyone blame me for this? I’m a polite, friendly and charming girl, how could I arrange gundas to rob him?
But after a while when resentful me calmed down, I thought of the whole incident. When we leave our homes, our parents taught us, not to trust anyone, at-least blindly. But do we follow? We met new people, share secrets, lend money and invite them in our personal premises. What wrong did that guy do, if he suspected me? I knew I couldn't do it, but how will he? It’s only been 2 months since he knew me.

We think we are wise enough to judge a good and a bad person. But are we? You talk to an auto wala bhaiya very nicely, same bhaiya will put a glued note between some good one and hand it over with a smile. I visited an old age home, to donate 50 pairs of woolen socks. They were doing marvelous job in taking care of old people over there, but the owner had some ungentlemanly intentions, which I sensed and left immediately.

Such incidents happen with all of us, still we trust. May be because we believe there is a teeny tiny good in everyone, everything, everywhere. May be this trust is keeping us together. Obviously every now and then someone will break it. Yet again when I will board a rickshaw, I will ask 'Bhaiya apke bachche school jaate hain ya nahi?' I know kids selling roses at metro stations are mischievous to another level, still time to time I offer them for ice creams and burgers. (BTW, they all have slippers, they hide them nearby and roam bare feet to gain sympathy.) I still visit NGOs and look for opportunities to server. Cause no matter what, goodness will always follow.


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