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"I wish someone told me this earlier that I will not find the same India that I had pictured from the stories of my grandma ." This line is from the mail I received this morning from my India based American friend "Suhana",who visited India for the first time. Here is the complete mail. Lets see what our country looks like from her eyes. What a visitor expects from us and what exactly we offer.

Close to heart Aayu,

Before leaving for the India we were so excited to see the wonderful Taj, the royal life of Rajasthan, Dil walon ki Dilli, so talked about Khajuraho temples and the list was endless. (Off-course meeting you was on the top). But the image that lingered in my thoughts and dreams for last several years had changed drastically. I never imagined to see my country at such a miserable node.

The culture which I used to jabber about so much is losing its essence. I never felt like that I had been to the same place about which my grandma and maa never get tired of speaking,whose culture was "Atithi Devo Bhawah". I had been through the bunch of emotions some are cheerful and some are gloomy. I got terribly happy by standing in front of Taj, I cried by seeing the miserable condition of most of the suburb, felt proud while walking through the "Amar Jawan Jyoti" and felt assaulted on most of the road trips. I wish someone told me this earlier that I will not find the same India that I  had pictured from the stories of my grandma.

I wish whenever I come back I ll find the same old India which is known for its "sweet and sour diversity, mix tadka culture and dessert of hospitality". I always feel that India got such a huge man and mind power that it can change the trend of whole world.I used to dream an India which is still holding its values and lessons left by our great leaders.

With lots of wishes to see a different India next time,cause I want to narrate the same stories to my children with which I grew up.I want them to see it as I have seen it in my dreams but unfortunately not in reality.


I was so amazed by this letter that I can't even able to accept that this is real. A girl who has never lived here understood and expects so good from us and we take the situation for granted.She only wants from us to  preserve our culture, Is this so tough? Does the situation really get this much worse? Are we losing the roots of our culture? Do we not represent the same India with which our ancestors left us? I think we all should think and ask this question to our-self . And if any of the answer is Yes and if you got a true Indian heart you will know what you need to do.
P.S. There is no such friend of mine named Suhana. These are all my thoughts. I invented her cause if any of my reader does not like or agree with the content, I can simply pass it on her. 

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