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Chore-son-ification: Chapter4

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. 
― Abraham Lincoln

This post is 4th part of 4 blog post series, for Ariel's #ShareTheLoad contest in association with blogadda. To read the 1st post, please visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter1, for the 2nd post, please visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter2 and for the 3rd post visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter3

Yes, the trick worked. Mr. hubby took out maa for shopping dining and a lot more. She is convincingly happy, but one can get that she hasn't forgotten about her missed trip from her sarcastic comments. Anyways, she got to know it was my idea to pamper her and she really appreciated the thought. And maybe this little appreciation was something I needed to get through the last Sunday's challenge. 

On Sunday morning, I made idlis but intentionally didn't buy bottle guard for sambhar.
"O shit! I forgot to buy lauki for sambhar. Can you please get it for me? Pleaseeeee."
After a long pause of 30 seconds, Mr. hubby uttered the magical words, "Leave it, I'll make fry idlis for breakfast."

To be honest I badly needed this day off. The whole week till Saturday midnight was extremely stressful at work. Spending Sunday making 5-course meal along with heavy breakfast, even the thought was giving me a headache. Anyways, I rested myself on the couch and started fiddling with my phone. 

*Crap! I completely forgot about the last Sunday. He is already in the kitchen. Will he help? Should I stop him? Yes. Do it fast.*
"Honey I'll fry the idlis. You go and have rest. It's Sunday, it's your day." I almost jumped, snatched the knife and started chopping capsicum. 
"hahahahahahaha! I knew it. I knew it. I knew it you will panic as soon as you will realize there is one more Sunday to write about." He laughed till his stomach started aching. "Don't you worry I'll help you with breakfast and with the last challenge." He patted my shoulder and calmed me down like an old friend. *Strange but okay.*
"Thank you so much, Mr. hubby."

"What is going on here?" Maa came out of her room.
"We are discussing about this week's task from Ariel." I informed her.
"Ooh, so what it is?" Maa asked with excitement.
"It is a folding game. We need to make a video of him (pointing at his son) folding as many clothes as possible in 30 seconds."
"That will be 1 or 2 clothes then." Maa proclaimed.
"Maa, don't underestimate the power of your son." Mr. hubby roared.
"Shall we start then? Yesterday's laundry is waiting for you?"
"I'll be folding only for 30 seconds, then you both do the rest."
*How rude.* Maa stared at him and offered him to alter his words.
"Ok maa I'll help with all, but the video for 30 seconds only, right?"
"Yes only 30 seconds, with a couple of takes." I winked at him and we all moved to our bedroom with load of clothes waiting for this Son-day to come. 😉

Here is the 30 seconds video. Disclaimer: The folding quality presented in the video is the cloth owner's personal favorite and preferred one.

Here are the maa (who made everything possible) and beta (who did everything with few tantrums.).
Thank you both of you for making all these Son-Days possible.
And finally:

The Fried Idlisss.

I know he won't say or express it, but 'he does pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda‘ I can feel the change.


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