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Chore-son-ification: Chapter2

It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son - and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him. 
-Helen Rowland

This post is 2nd part of 4 blog post series, for Ariel's #ShareTheLoad contest in association with blogadda. To read the 1st post, please visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter1for the 3rd post visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter3and for the 4th  post visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter4

After a small help last Sunday, in doing the Sunday laundry, my Mr. hubby was surprising enthusiastic to help,  till Tuesday evening. After that he completely relucted and it was pissing me off. I should have known, he was only pretending for his mother. 

On Wednesday, maa-papa left for summer vacation with maasi's family, so for this next 2 Sundays, we are alone. Now making him help with chore has reached another level. But then I started mission Chore-son-ification: 2.

On Sunday, after his favourite idli-sambhar lunch, I said, "Okay then you have rest and I'll go and arrange the shelves." in my lethargic tone. He raised his eyes but didn't uttered a single word.
"I'll be doing everything alone." I tried again.
"Not just mine but yours's, maa's and papa's", this time I used my displeased tone.
"Okay I'm coming."
"Just coming or will you help Mr. lazy Khare?"
"Yes, I will help you Mrs. hyperactive Khare, happy now?"
"Very." I gloated. 😈

We both sat down and started the chore. 1st-clothes compartment, 2nd-the huge trolley bag, 3rd-the shoe rack and 4th-my jewellery boxes. Like husband like wifey, I also took out some kurta's I didn't wore in past 1 year and a couple of footwears. I almost imagined girls wearing and dancing these and being thankful, without knowing the donor. I was contended and proud. (mostly on myself 😁)  We were almost done. Neatly arranged (To an extend of his satisfaction, which is quite low). While putting my oxidised silver jewellery box up in the locker, his expression suddenly changed.

My clothes compartment 😎

The Hugeee Trolley 😀

My Shoe Rack 😜

*O O, I'm caught!* 😶
"You said we are going to arrange everyone's wardrobe. But ever since we started we are only working on your clothes, shoes and jewellery. Care to explain why?" Mr. hubby interrogated.

I calmed myself within micro-seconds and answered with confidence, "See, you arranged yours's last Monday in over enthusiasm, maa never let anyone else touch her wardrobe, and papa's is always neat. Only mine was left. And we both did it perfectly, good job, I'm grateful." I kissed him as soon as I was done explaining. 😘

On video call with Maa ❤
"You are the naughtiest person I know." He smiled and hugged me.
Before it could get any further, maa video-called. I explained her everything and we all cracked into laughter. Well, I don't want to brag, but later that day, she called me and said, She is proud of me and I replied

‘Maa I pledge to taughted him to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

If intention is novel, mischief like this are alright, after all it's Sonday. 😜



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