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Chore-son-ification: Chapter1

"As the mother of a son, I do not accept that alienation from me is necessary for his discovery of himself. As a woman, I will not cooperate in demeaning womanly things so that he can be proud to be a man. I like to think the women in my son's future are counting on me. "      

~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

This post is 1st part of 4 blog post series, for Ariel's #ShareTheLoad contest in association with blogadda. To read the 2nd post afterwards, please visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter2 for the 3rd post visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter3and for the 4th  post visit: Chore-son-ification: Chapter4

Living with in-laws offers you a full-fledged household, with 2 parents, a husband and a grown up child. This grown up kid, can pay bills, go office for 9 hours, make important decisions for you and your family, but with his mother around do not even want to make his own cup of tea. So the 'Saas' and the 'Bahu' (also working for 9 hours) has to take care of everything. And same is the story of my life. Arrangement isn't bad but not ideal either.

The grown up child or my Mr. hubby CAN do everything. Kitchen, laundry, shopping, but most of the time he just don't want to. So I made a clever plan after this contest was announced. I'll be sick for these 4 Sundays and show him, that chores can be super fun and quick when done together. *fingers crossed*

1st Sunday

Making it small, I told everyone at home that my hand sprained a little while I was picking up the laundry bag. They may have to tolerate bucket full of dirty laundry for another week. I received a couple of 'ohh'  'take care' and only maa offered to help. 
"There are so many clothes, I guess I'll take rest now and put them in washing machine later in the evening."
"Beta don't worry I'll do it, you just let me know which mode I need to select and how to do it, machines these days are so complicated. "
"Maa it's very easy. Just a few steps. "
*Now maa is convinced, what should I do? How to make her son's antaratma wake up.*
Then I used the Bramashtra

"Prateet, I'm so sorry, your about favourite black shirt." I said in apologetic tone.
"What about the black shirt?" His eyes widened.
"Yesterday, I spilled the vinegar on floor and couldn't find anything to clean it. Your shirt was top on the dirty laundry, so I used it. I'm extremely sorry."
After a pause, "Won't it be okay after wash?"
"It's vinegar, everyone know what it does to clothes if couldn't wash within 12 hours." Doesn't  matter  how stupid this statement was, I tried to make it as dramatic as possible.
"Maa is it like this?"
"I don't know, I never cleaned vinegar with good cloth. But I heard it is acid." 
*No one even bother about looking it up on Google.*

"Forget it, let's do the laundry now." And the Son-day finally begins.
I explained them how to operate the machine, which mode to select, which clothes will go in first.

After few minutes, they both started chatting, laughing and discussing whether whites should be washed repeatedly. Yes they do. They put 1st slot in machine and turn the cycle on. *My first win.*
Laundry done 😀

Now this was the call for celebration. Things worked out better than expected. (Phew !) So I rushed to the kitchen and brought tray with 4 full glasses of lassi.

"Today a miracle happened! Our son, actually did something apart from his work and that too by his own wish." Papa proclaimed.
We all laughed.
"Yes papa but this was not the only miracle, see how quickly your bahu's hand got fixed!" 
*All eyes on me.*

Doesn't matter how small, a help is a help. And when you help your family you grab another opportunity to spend time with them. We all went to see a play later that evening, cause now laundry was done before 12. By the end of the day I told him about my vinegar lie and we all laughed rolling on the floor. 
At play, guess the name of the play, it's "Gadhe ki baraat."
Great play, we all loved it.
So I pledge to make my hubby unknowingly pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda


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